5 Different Types Of Smartphones Displays- Which Is The Best Display?

5 Different Types Of Smartphones Displays

Whenever we get a new phone, most of us look at its camera or storage and many people will also see about the display, although its number will be very less that someone will also ask here which display of this phone But the display has a very important role in our mobile, the screen quality of our phone is dependent on the display itself, so now we can understand how important is the role of the display. Mobile has almost different display.Ther are 5 Different Types Of Smartphones Displays

Good mobiles such a good display are nowadays available and the display quality is made good by making the mobile the latest. As there are many types of mobile displays, we will know a little more about some of the best types and I hope this article will be beneficial for you if you want to get a mobile and you are looking for a good display. So read the complete article below.

So let’s start and we know about the type of mobile display

TFT LCD – (Thin Film Transistor technology)

TFT LCD is the most common display used in mobile devices. TFT LCD gives you better image quality and higher resolution than earlier generation LCD display, however when viewing the display from any angle, the image quality is very poor in light or sunlight.

1. It supports both low and small profiles.
2. LCD is long lasting.
3. Its weight is light.

1. In this the response time of the picture is very slow.
2. LCD price is higher than CRT


IPS-LCD – (In-Place Switching)

IPS LCD is an upgrade display of TFT LCD display, with better viewing experience from any angle and less power consumption, leading to better battery life. IPS-LCDs are obviously costlier than normal TFT LCDs and so they are only installed in expensive smartphones. The IPS LCD has a high resolution (640 x 960 pixels). It has been installed in the iPhone 4, which is called Retina Display due to its excellent picture. It has been in use since 2000.

1. It is not very expensive.
2. The screen in Sunlight returns well

1. Its display is also slightly thicker which increases the weight of mobile slightly.
2. Its display battery goes down very quickly because when its screen is on, it takes more power.
3. The brightness in its display is slightly less.


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OLED – (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

This is the latest technology for mobile phone and monitor displays. In it you get an organic material which is placed between two conducting sheets (anode and a cathode) and then it is placed between a glass top plate (seal) and a glass-bottom plate (substrate). The moment an n electric pulse passes or is placed between two conducting sheets, electro-luminescent light is produced directly from the organic matter sandwich.


AMOLED – (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode)

AMOLED is also the type of OLED display that is used in mobile and this display has become increasingly popular in the top-end smartphone segment. AMOLED screens can show us many things that are present on OLED display such as superb color reproduction, lightweight, good battery life, correct brightness and many more details.

1. It has high brightness.
2. It provides better color.
3. Its design is excellent.

1. It has poor outdoor visibility
2. Its life spam is very short.



Super AMOLED displays are mainly developed by Samsung. It is similar to AMOLED. While making the Super AMOLED display, it has a touch sensor which makes this display a bit different. Super AMOLED display has the thinnest display technology in the world. Super Amoled display is currently only available in Samsung devices but in future it can be used in more mobiles.



I told you about some of the displays above which are used exclusively from mobiles, I hope you have understood everything well, if you still have any doubt then you can comment below. I try to help you. If you liked my article, then definitely share it on social network site and also with your friend,5 Different Types Of Smartphones Displays.


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