How many types of computers are Describe in details?

Types of computers

We humans have been using computers for many years and every year we are making some changes in these computers, I mean even more computers are being made productive, which has greatly simplified the work of our daily life.Computer is very important in our life, today we will study different types of computers in this article, so that we will be able to know about computers better.Types of computers


Computer Type

1. On the basis of size – On the basis of size, the computer is divided into the following parts.


This computer is the fastest and most powerful computer, this computer is very large, it is very expensive and less computer, every person could not buy this computer, this computer was used only for some special purposes.

Just like this computer was used in predictions, etc. Apart from this, this computer is also very used, such as – Grapix design, animation, etc. These computers were used in the works.


Mainframe computer
These computers were also very large and powerful in size, which were also expensive, these computers were capable of handling work with thousands of users, this computer was more powerful than super computers which could do a lot of work simultaneously.


Mini computer
The size of mini-computers was smaller than the mainframe computers, their work was of middle level, these computers did not do much work, they could easily do up to 200 users.


We also call it a personal computer on a simple basis, this computer has been used with a micro processor, so this computer is called a microcomputer and the size of this computer is small, we can easily put it in our bag. Only one person can work on a microcomputer.


Desktop computer
This computer is the same that we use in our home, there are many parts of this computer so that we all know which of the following types are cpu, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Does not occur

This computer is worked by keeping it in one place, it is difficult to move this computer from one place to another place, this computer is very usefull in our daily life.


2 . Depending on the purpose

Depending on the objective, we can divide the computer into two parts, which is special purpose and general purpose (jeneral purpose).

Special purpose
Special purpose computers are made or designed only for a specific task, they are used only for a specific task, the ability of cpu in these computers is targeted for the work for which the computer is made This computer is used in the work of space science, meteorology, satellites, research, research and agricultural science and special medicine.


Jeneral purpose
General purpose computers are those which are made to fulfill the general purpose. These computers have the ability to do many tasks. These computers have the capacity to work and also work. All the minor tasks can be done by the computer. Can these computers contribute a lot in our daily life?

Through them, it is easy for us to do many tasks in our daily life and all those tasks are easily done by these computers, making documents (document writing), writing letters, printing of a document, running the internet, file Preparation work is done and in these computers, we can also do web brousing well and can also play games, these computers have made our life easier.


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3. Depending on the methodology

Based on the methodology, this computer is divided into three (3) parts which are of the following types – analog computer, digital computer and hybrid computer


Analog computer
Analog computers are computers that use analog data in their processing, these computers use physical quantities to store anything. These types of computers do their calculations only by these physical quantities.

These computers measure the physical quantities and express their dimensions in numbers such as – length, height and temperature etc. These computers measure the size of an amount on the basis of comparison, such as – Dharmameter, these computers work on a very large scale like – These computers are used in aircraft etc.

Analog computer is mainly used in the field of science and engineering because the quantities are used very much in these fields such as – measuring the amount of petrol coming out of the pump, etc.


Digital computer

As the name suggests, digital-digit, which means digit, the computer that calculates points is called digital computer. These are the computers that are available to traders in the market nowadays, through which we also budget our shop etc. You can find out which is very easy, nowadays people also use these computers to calculate their house, these computers are running in a very trand because every person has to be digital


Hybrid computer
Hybrid computer is a computer which has the properties of both analog computer and digital computer. It is called hybrid computer. A semantic computer is made by mixing both analog computer and digital computer. This computer can take the analog and digital computer signal in both output and input. The computer is capable of doing any kind of complex calculations, these computers can also do the work that even analog computers and digital computers cannot do, that is why this computer has been created.



In this article, we have told you how many types of computers are there and how they are divided into parts, if you have any problem related to this article, then you can ask us, we will definitely answer your question.



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