How to create Contact Page in WordPress,in details?

create Contact Page in WordPress

Today we will let you through if you are going to give information in this post to find the form Contact your website or block because you are reading the right post we post in WordPress Contact Page It completely engaged Going to give information of create Contact Page in WordPress.

Where we will talk about how you can add a contact page in WordPress, because in today’s time if you have a website, you have only one block, then contact page is very important in it because if you If you want to contact with him, then he can contact you easily by visiting the contact page.

But if you do not have any idea about how to make it add to WordPress, then you must read this post carefully and till the last place, where we are going to give you all the information related to this topic. Are

We are not going to do any kind of coding in the way we are going to talk about you here, nor do you need to buy the plugin after seeing any money.

Today, if we have to make any kind of website, then we make it through the WordPress platform itself, because if we make the website and need to add some new features, then we can do it much more easily. Like, if we need to add contact page in our website, then you can do that much more easily.


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How to create Contact Page in WordPress?

Before we tell you how you can add a contact page to your website, before that you also need to know why in our time, you need a contact page in our website or block so that you You will be able to understand more about this in a better way.

We add the contact page to the website because if anyone wants to contact us through our website, then they can go to the contact page so that it is also easy for us to connect with other people and who can contact us It is also very easy for him trying to make contact.

You only need to add the contact page once, after that I do not need to make any changes in it. Whenever someone goes to the contact page and tries to contact you, you will get all his information on your email. , Such as his email ID, his name and his phone number.


Contact Page on wordpress

First of all, you have to open the dashboard of your website and where you have to click on Add New Plugin and after going there, you need to search by writing the Contact Form.
As soon as you search, you will see more plugins in front of you, but out of that, you only have to install Contact Form 7 in your website.
When you install the plugin in your website, after that you have to open it today, if you do so today, you will get some code in it, you have to copy it.
Paste the code that you have copied in the page. In this way, you can make a contact phone that is here, one thing to keep in mind is that you have to create a new page first, then later you have to paste the code.


This was our short post in which we told you how to create Contact Page in WordPress? If you want to get more information about WordPress, you can also read other posts available on our website.


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