How to earn money easily from a blog?Tips & Tricks

Earn money easily from a blog

If you are a New Blogger, and you have just started blogging, then this post can be very useful for you, because today you will get the top methods and best advertising programs to earn money easily from a blog & Website.

Friends, although most bloggers use Google Adsense for advertising, but if your Adsense is not being approved for any reason, then you can earn money from your blog and website by using another advertisement program .

Friends, to earn good money from your blog, you need to choose a high CPC & best Advertisement program. In which Google Adsense is one of the top best programs. By using which you can earn a lot of good money from your blog. But if your adsense is blocked, then today I will tell you how to earn money from a blog?


Tips earning money from Blog


1. Affiliate Marketing
After AIDS, the second real and popular way to earn money through blog is among all bloggers is affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? How to make money from it? We have already shared this with you. By the way, in affiliate marketing, we have to promote a company’s product and service and sell them! And the more we can sell, the more we get profit.

And a blogging affiliate is a suitable platform to do marketing. If you are a beginner, then you can also join any affiliate program and do affiliate marketing here! For example, many bloggers join affiliate programs of the hosting company.

And he refers to his readers through his blog posts Web Hosting provides all the information about the company’s plan, features about! And finally give them the link to buy the hosting of that company!

In this way, you can earn money by promoting any product or service from affiliate marketing.


2. Sponshorhip
Nowadays companies are using blogs to market their product & service! So that thousands of people can know about their brand and service through the blog!

But if you have just started a blogging career, then it may be difficult for you to earn money initially through sponsorship! Because often companies invite sponsorships to the owners of the same blog, whose blog gets a lot of traffic.

But over time if traffic comes in your block too! Then companies can also contact you to promote App promotion, product promotion or any product or service! And you can charge up to $ 100– $ 500 for promotion.

So friends in today’s time are taking advantage of sponsorship from many bloggers and are running well.


3. Cross Promotion
Since crores of people are spending their time on social media today! Therefore, if you want to build your identity or brand online, then the profile / account of that company must be on social media.

So if you are a blogger and you want more traffic from social media in your block ! So you start promoting your blog on other social accounts like Instagram, Facebook etc.

With this, more and more people will know about your blog and about you on social media and in this work, cross promotion technique will be useful for you.

For this, while publishing your blog post, you can ask the readers about their social media accounts and also to follow them! With which people will follow you on Facebook, Instagram and in this way you will be able to earn after becoming followers on these other marketing platforms.


4. Paid Review
So because traffic comes to your blog, in today’s time, your blog and you have a lot of value! Therefore, companies also offer paid reviews to blogs with high traffic. This method is similar to a sponsored post in which according to the niche of your blog, the company contacts you to give a reviw to promote your product.

for example If you write a article related to technology, mobile in your blog, then the company can ask you to give a review of a mobile app.

In that review, you have to give the advantages and drawbacks of that app and its complete information. So that more and more people can read the post and download it! And in return the company charges you up to $ 100.


5. Sell An Ebook
Just like a normal paper book, we get knowledge by reading the information given in the ebook! But how can we use this ebook in our electronic device like mobile , computer , kindle device!

Today we all have a smartphone in our hands! So do many users who read books read ebooks on mobile? And buy and read the ebook. So if you too have deep knowledge on a topic and you think that people will like it by writing an ebook on that topic! So you can create an ebook of your own.

And once you create an ebook, you can set a minimum price for it! And then leave after setting up the payment gateway! Now after your hard work once, all you have to do now is promote that ebook.

And whenever a user buys your book online, you will get his money, so the more people you buy in this way, the more you will earn.


6. Sell Your Products
Another genuine way to earn money through your blog is to promote your own product & service online! If you have a large amount of traffic, then you can also establish your own brand by promoting your own products and service.

Yes if you have an e-commerce website or store on online shopify! So you can also tell your readers about the product in the middle of the article or at the end! Those who will have interest will also visit your store and if the items on your store will be cheap and quality, then the interested users will definitely buy.

And thus you can earn money indirectly from e-commerce platform or online store. So friends, these were some of the main ways you can make money on your blog! But the thing to keep in mind here is that you will be able to earn more money online from the blog only when there will be traffic in your blog.

Apart from this friends, you can also earn a lot of money from your blog through Ads Network. Here I am telling you about the Top 5 Advertising Programs, you can use whatever you like best.


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Earn money from blog ( Advertising Programs)


1. Google AdSense
If you want to earn from advertising on your blog & website, then Google Adsense is the most popular advertisement program. As I told you above that if you want to earn money from advertising on your blog, then you need a high CPC & best Advertisement program. And Google Adsense is a high CPC & CPM program.

Friends is the most used advertising program in Google Adsense World. And most people trust Adsense itself, and the reason is that it is a service of Google.

If you want to earn from Google Adsense, then you have to follow its terms and conditions.

More Detail About Google Adsense:

Minimum Traffic: None
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) & More…
Ad Type: Text & Display Ad, Native Ad, Link Ad & More..

2. is the best Adsense Alternative, and after Adsense it is the best advertising program. But in terms of adsense, you may get a little bit of cpc work in it. If you are unable to use google adsense for any reason, then you can use

Friends only supports English Blog or Websites only. is a popular advertisement program created by yahoo & bing.

More Detail About
Minimum Traffic: None
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Method: Paypal, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).


3. Infolinks
Infolinks is a text link advertisement program. And it provides you with many types of ad. And you can earn a good amount from your blog by using it. You can also use infolinks with google adsense.

More Detail About Infolinks:

Minimum Traffic: None
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Method: Paypal, E-Check & more..



So friends, these were the 5 top best advertisement programs by which you can earn money from your blog. By the way, among these five, I would recommend you to Google Adsense only.



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