How to increase Mobile Network Signal? Tricks & Tips

how to increase Mobile Network Signal


If the signals in your mobile are not good, then you may have problems in calling and using the Internet. So, in view of this problem often faced by users, today we will tell you how to increase the network signal in mobile? Or how to increase internet speed in mobile?

Today, the Mobile country has become an important means of establishing contact with the people of foreign countries. But many times there are Network weak in the phone or if the network does not come, then we get very frustrated or angry.

Due to lack of network signal in mobile.To be in a place where the network signal does not come.
The SIM is not properly inserted in the phone.
Withholding of service by the sim operator in the city / region for some time due to a contentious issue.
Network setting changes.
Phone malfunction.
These were some possible reasons, but whatever the cause of the problem, below are some tips that can increase the mobile network signal.


How to increase Mobile Network Signal

Enter airplane mode
If the network is not available, the fast and easy solution is to put your phone into airplane mode. And after 2 minutes, turn off Airplane mode / flight mode.

You can also do this in case of internet slowing down, many times network signals are good in mobile by following this tip.


Change network settings
Are there some places where 4G network still does not work well today. So if the network is not coming in your mobile, then in such a place, you can change your cellular network settings and try using 4G in 2G or 3G and you will get the entire network on your mobile.


Chasing Locations
In any corner of the house or in a building, sit on a room which is surrounded by walls and windows, in which case the network signal is not seen in the mobile.

But if you go out in the open road or on the roof, then the network signal starts coming good. In short, you have to remove the factors that create a barrier between your phone and your tower, the signals in mobile will increase.


Keep battery charged
Today’s latest smartphones are manufactured in such a way that the automatic power saving mode is turned on in the phone in case of low battery. And mobile signals become weak, so to avoid this problem, you should always try charging your phone!

If you are traveling, you can take a power bank, or turn off other features of the mobile like bluetooth , Wifi, etc. in case you do not charge .


Use Wifi Signal
Do you know if you use Wifi for internet as compared to mobile networks! So your battery is saved if you are in an area where the mobile networks are not good, then do not hesitate to use it when you get a wifi!


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Re-insert sim card
Even after doing everything, the towers are not coming in the mobile, the network signal is quite weak, so once the battery is removable, switch off the phone and remove the battery and insert the SIM card again after 3-4 minutes and turn the mobile on. Do can solve the problem.


Hold the phone correctly
The way you hold the phone also affects the mobile network. Its best exams are mobiles from 15 to 20 years ago, in which a separate antenna is used for calling.

But after the iPhone came in the market, the antenna started getting in the mobile itself. Although in today’s smartphones, antenna buds are installed in such a place where they are not blocked, but if your phone is a bit old and you are holding the phone with both hands. So when the antenna is blocked, you may see a network signal problem.


Avoid the rush
Have you ever noticed that in a stadium or on a railway platform, mobile often gets network weeks. This is because this problem arises due to increasing traffic in the Nearest tower. But if you use the phone in your home or in privacy, you will find that the phone is coming full network.



So friends, hope that now you have got all the information related to increasing the mobile network signal and you will know how to increase the network signal in mobile?


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