How to increase the speed of Slow Computer?In details

How to increase the speed of Slow Computer

If your computer and laptop is very old & slow, then in this post today how can we increase the speed of any Slow Computer?

When we buy a new computer and laptop, its speed is also very fast, but as it gets older, its performance and speed slowly slows down. And due to which some people even format their computers.

If your computer is too old, and its performance has slowed down a lot, then in this post today I will tell you how to increase the speed of Slow Computer without formatting the computer?

How to increase the speed of Slow Computer – How to fast?
By the way, there are many reasons to slow down the speed or performance of any computer, but if you follow the tips given below, you will be able to fasten your computer and Windows PC to a great extent.


#1 Tip: Delete Temporary Files!

Due to too much Internet surfing in the computer, many temporary files, corrupted files store in our computer, which you should keep deleting time to time.

First of all, press Win + R Key in your computer and enter by typing% temp%.
Now you have all temp files show in front of you, delete them all by pressing Cntrl + A + Delete.
Now you are Done! 

#2 Tip: Empty Recycle Bin!

Always keep the Recycle bin in your computer empty and delete unwanted files by pressing Shift + Delete.

Because all the data you store in the recycle bin is stored in your C Drive itself, and that affects your computer performance.


How to increase the RAM of computer and laptop?


#3 Tip: Use Only One & Good AntiVirus!

If you use more than one antivirus in your computer, uninstall them today. And use only one antivirus. Because Antivirus takes a lot of resources of your system, which slows down your system.

But this does not mean that you do not use a single antivirus, because antivirus increases the security of your computer as well as the performance of your system by blocking the malicious files, corrupted files of your computer.
Some Good Antivirus Company: Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Avast, McAfee!


#4 Tip: Cleanup C Drive!

Always keep your computer’s C Drive free and do not store any wasteful DATA in it. To cleanup C Drive, follow the steps given below.

First right click on C Drive and go to properties.
Now click on the General tab and click on Disk Cleanup.
Now after some time process, all temp files show in front of you, Jaingye, click on OK.

#5 Tip: Clean Your Desktop!

Never place unnecessary files or folder on your computer screen and only apply important shorcut on it.

The more files or folders you put on your computer desktop, the slower it will run.


#6 Tip: Update Your Drivers!

Always keep your computer drivers uptodate, as their bugs are being fixed in new – new updates. And the performance of your computer also increases.

#7 Tip: Uninstall Unwanted Softwares!

Never install unnecessary software in your computer. And uninstall the softwares which you do not use, time to time.

By doing this, there will be a lot of free space in your computer, and there will be a lot of difference in performance as well.


#8 Tip: Add More RAM!

If the speed of your computer and laptop is very slow, and the performance is also very bad, then you can add Ram separately to it.

By buying your computer’s RAM from the market, you can use it. If your computer’s RAM is 2GB and below, then you must use external RAM.


#9 Tip: Scan and Remove Viruses or Spyware!

Keep scanning your computer time_to_time with your Antivirus, so that if there is any spyware or virus in it, then it gets removed, and always keep your Antivirus updated.

#10 Tip: Install C Cleaner!

C Cleaner – This is the best software for windows pc. Install it in your computer and keep it scanning your computer and laptop with time_to_time. This software increases your computer’s performance by clearing your computer’s temp files, browser history, cookies.

So friends, these were the # 10 tips by which you can increase the performance of your computer and laptop.

Hopefully now you will know that how to increase the speed of Slow Computer? How to Super Old Computer and Laptop?


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