How to Increase WiFi Speed ​​tips & tricks in details?

Increase WiFi Speed

If the speed of your wifi connection is very slow, your internet is running very slow, then today I will tell you five such tips (ways), which will enable you to increase your wifi range. How to Increase WiFi Speed

Sometimes even after having 4G network, we are not able to get good internet speed on wifi. And there can be many reasons for this. If your internet also runs slow. And wifi speed is also very low.


How to increase the speed of WiFi?

#1 Set Your Router At Right Direction

If your WiFi speed is very slow, then you must check the direction of your router once. The position of your wifi router reads a lot on your internet speed.

Many times your wifi router is placed in such a place from where its network is not properly accessible to your device, and your wifi speed becomes very slow.

Never put your WiFi Router on the ground. And if possible, keep it near your device, due to which your internet and WiFi speed will be greatly affected.

#2 Switch Channels

WiFi Routers are broadcast through multiple channels, which include more than one to ten channels, if your WiFi speed is slow, then you can try changing the channels.

You will need software to switch your wifi channels. With which you can know which channel is empty, and which channel’s network is better for your device.


#3 Relocate

If your WiFi speed is slow, then you can relocate your wifi router, relocating your wifi router will increase your wifi speed significantly.

If your WiFI Speed ​​is not giving the correct Signal, then with the help of Claudcheck Tool you can find out where the Wifi Slow is falling.


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#4 Use Strong Password

Many times, due to the simple password and no password in our wifi, more people connect to our wifi and use it, which slows down our wifi speed.

So always use stronge password in your wifi so that it is not hacked, and only you can use your wifi speed.


#5 Reset Settings

Many times we do not know why our WiFi Speed ​​is slowing down, and Relocate, even after switching channels, our WiFi Speed ​​does not matter.If something similar is happening to you too, then you should reset the settings of your wifi router. This will definitely affect your WiFi Speed.

So friends, these were some tips with the help of which you can improve your WiFi Speed, and you can increase it. If even after following these tips, there is no difference on your WiFi speed,So maybe your wifi router has become quite old, if so? So update your old WiFi Router immediately, because the new router comes with the new Firmware Update. And after updating your Router, your WiFi Speed ​​will definitely increase.



So friends, by following some simple tips from this way, you can easily increase your WiFi range and Internet Speed, hopefully now you will know how to increase the speed of WiFi.


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