How to Make money from Youtube?Breifly exlpained

Make money from Youtube

YouTube is a video viewing website, today we will know how we can make money through this application, we can earn money by displaying our art and skills. We know the Internet very well. So why don’t we use them well. Using it properly means that we can also make it think of an income. YouTube is a good income source.

You can earn money from YouTube in many ways such as by making videos when your subscribers and views start growing, you will be able to earn from them and You can also earn money by selling the products of any company directly to your subscribers. And you can earn money through affiliate marketing on YouTube. YouTube has given many people the opportunity to earn, believe that it is not very easy but there is also no default. Let me tell you that YouTube is the most popular search engine after Google. YouTube acts like a subsidiary of Google.

We know a few important things before making money from YouTube:

1. Identify your inner talent in a good way. In which you are the best. Do the best you can.

2. YouTube splits its money in 45:55. Meaning you keep 45 percent of the money with you, the remaining 55 fees belong to YouTuber.

3. Youtube has changed its policy soon, it is necessary to have 4000 hours of watchtime to earn your money.

4. Especially the new YouTuber should keep some things in mind such as good content and patience. Content must not be copied.

5. You should name your channel in such a way that people will remember it easily. And there should also be unique people who like it.

6. The thing to keep in mind is that you upload good videos from time to time, it is not that you uploaded videos very well for one month and then for three to four months, it will not grow your channel.

7. Talk to your audience and reply to whatever comments you ask. And always keep a good relation with your audience by keeping them happy.

8. It is very important to keep the content unique only then the audience will be able to get acquainted with your channel.

9. Sharing is very important for the growth of your channel, so share your channels and videos.

10. The audience will not like the video till then there is no chance of growth of the channel, so we have to first keep in mind what the audience likes, we know that we should make a good quality video and take care together That the video should not be too boring, people should have a lot of attention towards the video, only then should our channel be able to reach a good place.

First of all, you have to make a channel on YouTube and you have to make a video, in which you are interested, you can make a video on the thing that you think yes people will be interested in all these things, you are putting videos on them. There is such a talent inside everything that you can do the best. So overall you have to make and upload the recording videos of your interest, yes there are some rules and rules to earn money, usually you earn money from YouTube pay promotion and advertising. Which will tell you about below.


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1. First you need to log in to YouTube with your Gmail ID.

2. Then you have to open your YouTube application, in it you will see your account, by clicking on it you have to go to the My Channel option and you have to choose a name for your channel.

3. Now comes the description, you have to write the description of your channel, what kind of videos you will upload or you have to write, just this is what the description means.

4. Now you upload the recording videos of your interest, in whatever area you have interest, you should upload the video and the most special thing is to keep in mind that do not copy any content means there should be no copy content at least in the beginning of the week. Two or three videos should be uploaded.

5. And the great thing is that you cannot get money just by uploading videos, first of all you have to go to your YouTube and apply monetization in your channel, which will be found in the left section of your account, you will go to the monetization program Will apply You cannot apply for monetization like this, your channel should have at least 40000 views. And there should be more than a thousand subscribers. Only after this you will get approval. After getting approval, you have to enable monetization in every video.

6. If you want your videos to appear in the search bar, then you have to write a lot of keywords. If someone searches, then your video shows easily and which will increase the chances of getting more views on your videos.

7. After getting the monetization approval, you need to login to Google Adsense website and then give your bank details and address and much more information, Google sends a pin for payment and by verifying it, it continues your payment.


So we have learned everything in this article, I hope you have understood everything, now you can make money on Youtube and you must have also learned all the rules of earning money from YouTube. This is a good online platform. If you liked my article about earning, then you can share it on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. and your friend, if you have any doubt related to this, then you can comment below. You will definitely provide feedback so that I know how you liked the article.


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