How to record screen of computer in details?Tips & Tricks

record screen of computer

If you are a YouTuber and you do not know how to record the screen record of your computer and laptop, then this post can be very useful for you. Guys often happen that we need to read the screen record of our computer.

So in this post today, how do we record the screen record of any of our computers, laptops and (Windows PC) with and without software? 


How to record screen record of computer?

#1 Method:

# 1: First of all, you should download a Free Screen Recorder software in your computer (Windows PC).
Download Free Screen Recorder(

# 2: After downloading the software, install it by double clicking, you can simply install it by doing Next – Next.

# 3: After installing, open it, and now set your Screen Size, set Audio, and then go to Setting.

# 4: After going to setting, you can set the path of your shortcut keys and video.

# 5: After setting all, click on Record Button in Last.

Hopefully now you have come to know that how to do screen record of any of your computer with the software?

If you are facing any problem in recording your computer’s screen record with this method, or if you want to record your computer’s screen record without Any Third Party Application, then you can try the 2nd method.


How to Screen Record on Mobile phone in Details?


#2 Method:

Friends, this method is only for Windows 10 users, if you use window 7 then you can try 1st method.

# 1: First of all, open the Xbox application in your computer and laptop.

# 2: After opening, first sign in it, and then press Win + G Button in your keyboard.

# 3: Now Yes, this is a game. Click on it, now you will have the option to record the screen.

# 4: By clicking Start recording, the screen recording of your computer will start, so that you can easily record the screen of your computer and laptop.

After screen record, you will find it in “C / Users / Videos / Captures”.



So friends, in this way you can screen record of your computer without any Third Party Application. Hopefully now you will know.


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