What is ADSENSE HOW to earn money from google adsense?

What is ADSENSE HOW to earn money

Google Adsense is a great Ad Network. Whose parent company is “Google”. Adsense helps us to earn money from our blog or website.It displays advertisements on blogs and websites and pays the income received from those advertisements to the owners of it blogs and websites.


What is Adsense? 

It is a Display Ad Network company from which the creators of the website / blog and YouTube channel earn money by putting Google’s advertisement in their website / YouTube videos. Google has made Adse. to advertise on Publisher’s website / blog or YouTube videos. Google Adse. The main function of Google Ads. is to provide advertisements to Publisher.

How does Adsense work?

Adsense displays its ads in the form of text, image, video or interactive ad between the content and on the side according to the blog / website and YouTube videos. Adse. pays the owners of Blog / Website according to the CPC (cost-per-click) and CPI (cost-per-impression) on these ads.

Adsense pays you whenever a viewer clicks on the ads placed by Google Adse. on your Blog / Website / YouTube. Likewise, Ads sends money via Google Adse. Blogger, YouTuber and website owner to transfer direct bank account based on clicks and impressions on Google Adse. on their blog and website.

The biggest advantage of Google Adsense is that once Adse. is Approval on your website / YouTube, then following the rules of Google, you can earn good money. To take Adse. Approval first, you have to follow the terms and conditions of Ads.

Google Adsense is a relevant advertiment network company, which shows advertisements on your website / YouTube according to the quality and categories of the content. For example, if your website / YouTube is related to Channal – Technology, then Adse. will show only ads related to technology on your website / video. This also increases the chances of getting more Clicks on ads.

Adsense uses the cookies method to display its advertisements on the block / website. Under this, Google finds out which advertisement the Viewer wants to see on Blog -Website / YouTube Videos and which Viewer is interested in which ads, according to which Google Ads shows ads.

How does Adsense earn?

By applying Adsense’s Ads, the publishers (publishers) of Blog / Website / YouTube make income through Adsense, but do you know how Adse. earns? Let us tell you that Google takes advertisements from advertisers for money through Google Adword Website and shows the same advertisement on the platform of publishers publishers through Google Adse.

Of the amount that Google takes from advertisers to show ads, 70% – 80% of the amount is paid to the publisher through Adse. The remaining 20% ​​- 30% of the remaining amount is retained by Adse. This is how Google Adse. earns its earnings.


How to earn money from Adsense?

There are 2 biggest ways to earn money from Google Adsense, with the help of which you can earn up to millions of rupees from your home.


By the way, Google has made it very difficult to give Adse. Approval for the good quality of advertiser. But what we are telling you in this article, you can earn money from Adse. without any hindrance. Let’s know –

1. Blogging

To earn money from Adse. by blogging, you have to create a blog / website of your own. So that you can earn Paisa by placing Adse. Ads on your blog / website.

For free, you can show Adse. ads on your website / blog by creating a blog on blogspot.com or by creating a professional website. While making a website, keep in mind that your website accepts the rules and conditions of Adse.

Now you keep uploading good content regularly on your blog. Keep in mind that you should not put any type of wrong or such content on your website, which is against the policy of Adse. When your blog / website becomes sign-ups with Adse, then you can apply to add Adse. add to your website.

After applying your website for Adse, it takes 1 to 3 days. Because between 1 to 3 days, Google Adse.Team will check your website and approve or disapprove your website according to the rules of Adse.

If your website / blog has been approved by Google Adse. Team, then now you have to take the Html Add Code code from Adse.and Pest it in the head of your website, so that Ads. can show advertisement advertising on your website, which will earn your income.

If your website is rejected by Google , then you can read the Terms and Conditions of Google Adsense correctly and make some changes in your website, then apply for Google Ads again. If your website / blog – adheres to the terms and conditions of Adsense, then you will get Approval of Adse.

Whenever a viewer clicks on the advertisements shown on the website / blog, those clicks will be counted in your Adsense Account. The more people will come to your website, the more Clicks and Impression will increase. Which will be your income. On completion of $ 100 in Adsense, you can withdrawl in your bank account.

2. Youtube

YouTube is another way to earn money from Adsense. To make income from YouTube, you have to create a YouTube channel. To create YouTube channel, you have to visit and log in on YouTube’s website. Your YouTube channel will be ready very easily.

Now create high quality videos on your YouTube Channel and upload it, so that more people can access your videos and your channel can be monetized. Because to earn money from YouTube Adsense, you are given a challenge to complete 5,000 hours of Watch Time and 10,000 Subscribers. If you follow YouTube’s Terms and Conditions then you get Monetaizesion of Adsense.

When you get Monetaizesion on YouTube through Adsense, then ad will start coming on your video. If you want, you can add as per your wish (where and how many ads you want to add) on the video above 10minutes. Through YouTube, you can transfer the amount deposited in Adsense to your bank account on completion of $ 100, just like the website.


What is GOOGLE PAY and how to use gpay easily?


How to create an Adsense account? 
What are the requirements for creating a Google Adsense Account?

To create an Adsense Account, you must have these 3 things.

1. Website or Youtube Channel

For Google Adsense, you must first have a Blog / Website or YouTube. So that Adsense ads can show on website / YouTube videos.

2. Google Account ( Gmail I’d )

When creating an Adsense Account a Gmail Id – Google Account will be required. Because Sigh Up is done in Adsense through Google Account.

3. Personal information

While creating an Adsense Account, you will have to share your personal information, such as – your name, address, mobile number, post code etc. Because Verification Code is sent on your card on behalf of Adsense, while the amount deposited in Adsense is transferred to your bank account based on name and mobile number.

Note – In Adsense Account, fill your name, address, mobile number and important information like PIN code number of your area, etc. correctly.


How to create an Adsense account? How to create an Adsense account?

To create an Adsense account, first you have to visit the official website of Adsense and sing up.
After clicking Sing up, you have to sign in with your Gmail I’d like.
Now you have to enter the URL of your website / YouTube or YouTube channel, on which you want to earn Paisa by showing ads.
Now choose your country, the country in which you live.
Now you will see a page of term and conditions from Google, after reading which you click on Accept And Create an Account.
After clicking on Create Account, you will now see an HTML Code, which has to be pasted in the Header of your website.

For any website / blood or YouTube channel you have given link in Adsense, now you have to wait for 1 to 3 days. Because Adsense Team will check the URL given by you – Website / Blog or YouTube channel and reply to you according to AdSense’s Tream and Condition.

If your blog / website or YouTube channel follows the terms and condition of Google Adsense, then Adsense will approve your account and Adsense will inform you on the same email I’d provided while creating Gmail I’d Google Adsense Account.


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