What is Antivirus? How works and types of antivirus.

What is Antivirus and works

In this article we discuss about What is Antivirus and works.In today’s digital world, everyone uses computer and mobile, be it a child, man or woman, everyone uses them. We have a lot of personal data like – Photo, Video and Impotent documents etc.Our computer and Mobile We save but we never think our data can ever be stolen or spoiled.We never think of all these questions that someone can access their data without their choice but this has happened to many people. This can happen to us too so we should be aware of its defense.

Accessing our data without your choice, stealing data or damage of data is the biggest reason for this virus (virus). People can access any computer through these viruses and that is something with data. Some people can also hack the computer with the help of this.But all of these can be avoided. Antivirus is used to avoid it. We can prevent all these activities by antivirus.


What is Antivirus

Antivirus is a program or software of computer that scans and delete all types of virus (virus) coming from outside, means it prevents all viruses from coming from outside.
This is a type of Anti-Malware software that identifies Malware virus and prevents it from coming into computer and also delete these viruses.

The main use of antivirus in a computer is to detect the virus so that it can protect the PC safely. If there is no antivirus in our computer then any virus can enter our computer and also spoil the computer, so there must be a powerful antivirus in the computer.
In today’s time, people use internet too much, because of this, the possibility of many types of viruses coming into our computer has also increased.All types of big companies also use antivirus to protect their private data from these viruses, so it is very important to use it.

How does antivirus work

Antivirus, plays a great role in keeping a computer safe. It scans all the files of the computer. When the file is scanned, it scans each file differently to make these viruses better. If you can identify the detect, then delete these viruses. There are many types of viruses and the way to scan them is also different.


Now we will learn some ways to scan the virus

Signature based detection

This method of detecting viruses is the oldest. This method is also called Virus Definition. In this way Malware type virus is detected. Whenever an unknown file comes, it detects it and catches that virus. And then delete it.
It also detects all the Signature type application. It matches unknown file with the already existing Signature and delete the virus when it is detected.

Behavioural based detection

Behavioural based detection. This is a special type of unique technique. It can detect the behavior of any type of malware.
He keeps an eye on all types of Suspicious behaviour Activities so that he can detect them, then delete these activities.

Heuristic based detection

This technique is very popular. This technology is used in all types of antivirus. This technique can detect all old and new viruses.
It can detect or search Malware without a definition file. It doesn’t need a definition file.

Sandbox detection

This technique works in a way based on Behavioural based detection technisam. It can detect unknown dangers. In this technology, a program is run in a virtual environment.
This action identifies the program’s behaviour and detects whether the program contains Malicious Activities or not, it can detect large Malicious Activities.

Data mining technique

This technique is a digital technique of the digital time. High Malicious activities are also detected by it. This technique is known whether it is malicious in the program of computer or not, Data mining technique is considered the best technique.


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What are the advantages

We can make our computer and mobile safe through antivirus.
By this we can protect our computer’s private data.
Using this you can easily download any file from the internet.
Using antivirus to scan all our files so that no files are afraid of getting damaged
5. Antivirus is like a lifeline for a computer which always protects the computer.


The loss of antivirus

Antivirus does not cause any harm. Only computer runs a little slow. This is not the reason for any loss. Antivirus is a very important software for a computer which everyone should use to keep their data safe.

Antivirus – Free Antivirus
1 Avast Free Antivirus
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3 AVG Free Antivirus
4 Bitdefender Free Antivirus
5 Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus
6 Sophos Home Free Antivirus
7 Avira Free Antivirus
8 Adaware Free Antivirus
9 Panda Free Antivirus
10 360 Total Security


In the given article, we have given you complete information about antivirus. If you have any questions related to this article, you can ask us, we will definitely answer your questions.



What is Antivirus and works.What is Antivirus and works.What is Antivirus and works

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