What is Bip Messenger and how to use?Elxplain more details about BIP

What is Bip Messenger and how to use

Today under this article, we will BiP Messenger to use to ? Due to the changes in the coming time on Whatsapp , many people may now say goodbye to whatsapp because now whatsapp will use your data on the platform like facebook whatsapp under its new policy .

After this decision, many whatsapp users will now like to use the alternative of whatsapp because no one wants to let their personal data be leaked or someone else see the data, in such a situation, many people use the Bip messenger app instead of whatsapp bip app Also whatsapp is being liked as an alternative, let’s understand how to use BIP messenger app ? In simple words

Understand step by step how to use BiP Messenger

In today’s time, most people use whatsapp and due to its usefulness, it became the need of almost every smart phone, but recently whatsapp is going to implement a new policy in which you have to give a permission to whatsapp .

The permissions based whatsapp Facebook as your platform and instagram your data use can and if you do not Permisn for you whatsapp will be unable to use.

After this kind of decision of the owner of Whatsapp , now many people start using Telegram Signal or BiP messenger app in place of whatsapp and under this we will know about this popular app bip , but how can we use it? Before that, let’s understand a little about it.

What is BiP messenger app

This is a messenger through which online chatting, data sharing, voice and video calling etc. can work, apart from this you get features from many types of entertainment, this app has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google play store . And many people are also liking this app.

This app apple and android two users is available for Turkey (in recent Turkey) President Recep Tayyip ErdoĞan An told the world about this app and people from all over the App World since its said to be in a safe doing download .


Thispplication developed by Turkcell for iOS and Android users and can be used by all operator subscribers. Bip,Turkey has emerged as a native application on the market. A free communication and life platform developed by 100% Turkish engineers.

Users who did not want to accept the Whatsapp privacy agreement were directed to different applications. The BiP application has also gained 1 million 124 thousand new users in the last 24 hours. Which country is the users BIP, paid? He wonders your questions. Here are the details …


It is free to download the BiP mobile application.
If you are a Turkcell subscriber;
Your text, photo and video submissions from BiP will not be deducted from your internet quota. Other shares are charged from your internet package, if you have a package, or over the standard mobile internet plan.

BiP application can be purchased with speed limited internet packages. When the speed limited internet package received with BiP is finished, BiP usage speed will be reduced to 96 kbps together with the internet access speed.
BiP usage of other operator subscribers; internet packages, if any, or standard mobile internet rates
For Turkcell and other operator subscribers;

If there are voice / video calls and calls made over the internet with BiP, they will be deducted from your internet package, or they will be charged over your tariff.
If there are GSM calls made through the application, they will be deducted from your voice package, otherwise they will be charged over your tariff.

The application can be used over the wireless internet connection (wi-fi) in your environment as well as over the mobile network. In this case, as the data usage for accessing the application will not be charged by Turkcell, Turkcell is not responsible for the said data usage.

BiP app to download

If you have the app download if you want to android user to the Google Play Store to download can and Apple devices use to Apple App Store this download can. This download you name Simply this app to bip to search by typing and download to download after you give it permissions must install and use to.


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BiP Messenger to use in

Step 1. First of all you open this app

Step 2. Now you will have a privacy policy which you can read if you want, after this you click on the continue button below.

Step 3. Now you have to enter your phone number after which the verification code will come on your mobile number which it automatically takes

Step 4. Now your account will be opened in front of you, where you put your name and image and click on done.

Step 5. Now your account is ready, you can start this app by clicking on the blue icon

Step 6. Now your contact numbers will come in front of you, apart from this you can start new group, new channel, new broadcast etc.

Step 7. This is a safe app while chatting you are told that it is sucure and incrypted here you can call audio video, apart from this you can share doc, image, photo, location etc. from here.

In this way, you can get information about this app in detail and if you want to use this app, you can download it through the bip app , you can chat with anyone with complete security and also you You can also share your important data like photo videos etc.


Now you all know BiP Messenger to use to ? As an alternative to Whatsapp , many people use different apps as per their choice, mainly the signal telegram bip is being seen, you can use any app according to your choice.


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