What is C Language and how to learn?explained in details

What is C Language and how to learn

Friends, if you are involved in the field of computer programming, then you must have heard about what is C Language. If you do not know at all about C Language, then you should be relaxed because after reading this article, there will be no doubt about C Language in your mind. So do read this article till the end.What is C Language and how to learn

Nowadays, everywhere in the world of Internet and computers, there is talk of Computer Programming whether it is Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning . Accordingly, computers and the Internet cannot be imagined without Programming Language. And to talk about C language, with the help of this, many big software of the world has been made such as Windows, Linux, Unix etc. And even today its popularity is not less.

What is C Language

C is a computer programming language used for General Purpose. In easy language, it is a computer language that instructs the computer what kind of work it has to do. You must have known that computer understands only binary language which is called machine language. Every programming language has a compiler that converts the code written on the computer screen into a binary and the computer works according to that code.

The programming language is used to create any software or application. C Language is a very old language which was created around 1972. C is very simple and easy language as compared to other programming languages. Many programming languages ​​have been created on top of this language such as C ++, Java, JavaScript, PHP etc.

So if we learn C language then it becomes very easy to learn the rest of the language. Even today, in the field of computer science, C language is first taught in many schools because you can easily learn and understand it. Its Syntax and Grammar is quite easy. You probably won’t know that Microsoft’s Windows operating system is built in the C language itself. And it is still used on many platforms of Microsoft.

History & Inventor of C Language 


It is said that C language started at Cambridge University in 1960 and at that time it was known as B Language. After this, in 1972 a computer scientist from Bell Labs improved it and named it C Language. His name was Dennis Ritchie and he is also considered the Inventor of C Language. At that time it was available for Unix and Dos and the Compiler for these two were also different.

Feature Of C Language

Following are some of the main features of the C language, due to which it became a popular language and it is being used even after being so old. So let’s see which are the main features –

C is considered a Middle Level Language because it has the properties of both high level and low level languages.
This language is mostly used for System Programming.

C is a Structured Programming Language which means that its program can be broken into many parts, which helps a lot in understanding the program.
Programs made in C are very fast and their execution is very fast as compared to other languages.
This language has its own grammer, so it has Specific Syntax which makes it simple and easy.
Overall, C Language is very easy and powerful language which is used for many types of programming.

Uses of C Language

C is a very powerful language because it is used in very high level things. Let’s understand it with the help of some points –

In System Programming

 C is most commonly used in making System Programming. Such as Operating System, Compiler, BIOS Etc. Many large operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Unix are built in the C language itself.

In Database Software 

Different types of database software are created with the help of C itself. With the help of database, the data of any application is kept in a systematic and secure manner. Many popular Database Management Software such as MySQL and Oracle have been created from the C language itself .

In Graphical Application 

Many types of GUI (Graphical User Interface) are made from the Application and Game C languages. C was also used to create the famous Graphic Designer Adobe software, Photoshop.

In Networking Device 

C language is used to create Network Driver and Networking Device. Any networked device has a software to manage the network running from that device. Apart from this, it is also used to manage computer servers .


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Some Steps Used in C Programming

In this article C Language we will understand how many steps have to go through to make a C Program –

Program Writing: This is the first stage of the Life Cycle of any C Program. In this, the program is written according to the Grammar of C Language and the Rule of Syntax in the Code Editor of C. This written program is called Source Program or Source Code.
Program Compiling: After Program Writing is completed, the program is compiled. Meaning Compiler translates that source program into computer acceptable means machine language so that the computer can execute it.

Program Execution:

This is the last stage of C Programming in which the program is made runable. Meaning the instructions given in the Source Program are executed and finally the output of that program comes.

Structure of C Program 

Whenever we write a C Program, a flow chart has to be prepared before it and we prepare this flow chart with the help of the C Program Structure. A flow chart is like a Figure in which the basic structure of the C Program is to be made in Figure. So let’s see what are those basic things –

Comment Entry

There is some objective of any program like what the program is being written about. Comment The compiler cannot read Entry, only the creator of the program can see or read it. Comment The code written in Entry has nothing to do with the program as it is used by the programmer to describe the object of the program. It is written inside the Comment Mark as / * —————————— * /

Link Section

This section is placed in the head of the program and is called header file. Like stdio.h and conio.h and dos.h and graphics.h etc. They are written in the head respectively: # include and # include . Accordingly, it is called C’s library because many important functions used in the program reside in these files. Such as Printf and Scanf.

Main Function

It is a necessary part of the C Program and the compile of the program starts with this function. It is necessary to have this in every C program because the execution of the program also starts with the main () function.

Variable declaration

When you start creating a C Program, then you will have to use Variable in the beginning or middle of the program. Only by using Variable, any input can be taken from the user and to store the program in memory properly. Once a variable is taken, then it is used throughout the program. Without a variable, any value can neither be written nor defined.

Apart from all this, there is a lot in C such as Executable Part which contains that part of the program which has to be executed. After this, some sub programs are also written in between. Next we will make a C Program in which you will understand it better.

How to learn C Language

If you do not know about programming at all, then you must read this article about our programming language . If you understand the basic of any programming language, then that language becomes very easy for you. There are many platforms online such as Youtube, Google etc. You can learn from them at home. Apart from this, there are many online coaching also, some of which are free and some Paid can also learn from them. Such as Udemy , Coursera, W3School etc.

First of all download the C language software Turbo C ++ in your computer and then coding what you learn. You make a program every day and run it. First you understand the basic things of C like what is Datatype, what is Variable, what is Operator, how to use Keywords and Syntax etc. Initially learn to make small programs, then start making big programs. If you want, you can also buy a book of C Language, which will help you to learn it faster.


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