What is captcha and why is it used?Explain in details

What is captcha and why is it used

What is captcha and why is it used in online activity. You must have encountered this in the world of Internet and hence you would also want to know what this Captcha is and why it is required. There will be many such questions regarding Captcha in your mind, so be assured that in this article today, you will know all the things related to Captcha.

Captcha is a type of security system whose full form (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) and which helps to protect websites and applications from malware and spammer. Whenever you sign up on a website or create a new account, you have to solve these captcha and only after doing this process you can create an account in that website or application. Apart from this, Captcha has to fill in many websites such as Payment website, IRCTC, which is the train ticket booking website.


How does captcha work?

While signing up or login, you are shown some image and the name of that image is written above and you have to click on the corresponding image by that name and if you are able to do this, then you can sign up or login on that website. Is given. Apart from the image, you have to write a few crooked letters, Math Calculation or a picture after looking at it. But, in most of the places we find only Captcha with crooked alphabets, which can sometimes be difficult to solve.


Why is captcha used?


You must be thinking that when captcha code is so difficult to fill, why are they used after all? If understood in easy language, they are used to protect websites from being hacked. Those who are computer programmers make small scripts or software with the help of Programming Language and apply to any website that has to be hacked.

For example, suppose there is a website on which we have to create an account or login, then in this process we will fill our name, email, password etc. and in this whole process it will take us about 1 minute but if any script or software Help these be done so that non-stop script Automatic way would create many Account so that the website could Server Safety becomes Down or the website stopped working |

So it is used to overcome all these problems. “If understood in technical language,This is used to differentiate between Human or Computer so that it can be known that there is a person or a computer to create an account on the website”.


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Types of Captcha Code 

Text Based Code –

When Captcha was created, similar Code was used and still exists today. In this technique, some crooked alphabets are shown so that no computer script can read them and we can see the crooked alphabet with our eyes and type in the box below and login to the website.This type is called reCaptcha which was created by Luis Von Ahn.

Image Based Code –

In this technique some images are shown and a name is given above and the image related to the name has to be selected, after which if you choose the right image, then you are allowed to enter the website.

part from this, there are many types of captcha like Logic Based , Voice Recognizer , NLP Captcha etc. But this type takes a lot of time to solve, so Google launched that does not need to write or identify anything. Actually, in 2009, Google bought the company that made reCaptcha and improved it and launched No Captcha reCaptcha which is explained below –


ReCaptcha by Google

It was created by Google by improving the reCaptcha . In this, only one box has to be clicked, and by clicking Google’s algorithm determines whether you are a human or a computer. Google completes many types of processes to verify what your IP is, how long you have been on that web page, what is your location, how much did you scroll that web page, while clicking that box your What was the movement of the cursor etc. Below is a picture of reCaptcha.

NLP captcha-

NLP captcha is a type of advertising based captcha . This type is used to advertise. In this type of captcha, an advertisement is given and the information related to the same has to be filled in the box below.


How to solve captcha code 

Some tips to solve Captcha Code are given below –

By the way, for those who remain active in the world of Internet, it is quite easy. But people who are solving a captcha for the first time or they do not have much knowledge about how to solve, they face a lot of problems.

If you are solving  the first time, then first of all, see what type is it, if it is an image based captcha , then the name of that one image is given above and you have to select the image related to the same name. Also, if the captcha is text based, then text is written in cropped letters, which you have to read carefully and write the same text in the box provided.

Apart from this, some logic ones are also captcha, in which you can be given small questions of math. In fact,it is very difficult to solve and seeing this problem, Google launched recaptcha, in which only you have to tick in a box.



In today’s article, we have learned what Captcha is and how to solve it. By the way, it has become a common thing now, almost everyone solve it. Yes, but there is some problem.

Now it is used in every website. If you have to sign up or login to a website, then it will definitely come. The main reason for putting in any website is to protect the website from hackers.


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