What is Computer Parts – Information about Computer Parts?

Computer Parts

All these devices work together collectively. Today we will introduce you to the computer in this article and will tell you what are its parts and what are the different parts of it? To know all this, you read our article completely till the end, this article is going to prove very useful for you.


Computer introduction

Today we have to do entertainment or some work, then if we want to use the computer, then if we want to know something, then first of all we use the computer, today it has become an essential requirement of us because it can do hundreds of work in seconds.

Today,It is being used everywhere in government offices, shops, companies and homes. I think there will be very few people who will not be familiar with computers today or else everyone is familiar with it because nowadays social media is going on.

If you do not know, then when? Nowadays it seems impossible to imagine life without a computer.

A computer is an electronic machine or device that works on instructions given by input devices and provides information by output devices. If you do not know about computer equipment, then you will not be able to use it properly. Nowadays most of the competitive examinations are conducted by computer, for which you need to know about its equipment.


Computer Parts –

The way a human body is made up of different organs and if one organ becomes defective, then the person has a lot of problem in working, as I have already said that there is not a single device. Works together, that is, a collective form of different devices.

And if it does not have a single device, then it can be difficult to operate a computer or say that it becomes difficult to work. The computer is mainly composed of four devices consisting of input device, output device, processing device and storage device. Which we have explained in detail one by one below –


Input Device

It is a computer system that enters data as instructions, because a computer is an electronic machine that takes data as input and organizes data for processing according to instructions. Input device is as follows


The keyboard is an input device. It looks like a typewriter. There are many buttons on it, with the help of which the instruction is typed.

For example, if we have to type anything on a computer, these are used, so today it is necessary to have a keyboard in every computer.


The mouse is also the input device of the computer whose function is to give input to the computer. There are two buttons on top of it. It is also called pointing device. Through this, various applications can be obtained by running the software at a very fast speed.

Today it is being used a lot and using new technology, different types of mouse are now being made which are making it much easier for the person to work on the computer.


Touch Screen
Nowadays computer screen is coming. Bo is the touch screen in which we give data input through touch. This was not the case when the computer first came, but today this technology has changed everything. Meaning that now such computers also exist which can be worked by touch screen.


Microphones are used to record different types of sounds in a computer. This is a technology that has made computer work even easier. And it is being used a lot


webcam is used to make video calls. It is also used to broadcast a program live. This technology has made the interaction of people quite easy, a person can sit away and talk with the help of internet as if both of them are around.


Joysticks are used to play games in a computer. Today, if the computer sits while playing a game, then this technology is used to play games on the computer. It is due to this technology that it has become easier to play games on computer today.


Output Device

When the data is directed by the input device then after processing the information is presented with the help of the output device. For example when we send an email or send a message, we receive the information in the output device (monitor). is. It is as follows: –


It looks like TV. Anything you type on the keyboard is displayed on the monitor. It is on this that we get our answers and answers. On this, we can play videos and video games etc. Its practice is widely seen today by the office, school, company.


Through this, we scan the photo or any other document and load it into the computer. For example, when we fill a form or have to send and scan the photo for somewhere, then only the scanner is used in it.


With the help of the speaker, we are able to hear and understand the sound of a video or an audio. If you want to listen to music in a loud voice then the speaker does not have the most important role in it. Because there is not so much noise that the music can be heard in loud voice. Hence the speaker is used to listen to music  in loud voice.


It is through the printer that we print any document or photo in the computer on paper. Its task is to give a hard copy. It is an output device. It is quite used today in the modern era.


The main function of the projector is to show the data (videos, photos, etc.) present in the computer on a wall or screen. Today it is used for presentation in school, college.


By the way, a plotter is also a projector whose job is to print paper to a graphics design. This is used to print new paper, wedding cards etc.


Processing Device

When the input device gives instructions to the computer, the processing device makes the output available as information or result by editing or calculating it. It has following parts –


Micro Processor (Microprocessor)
The speed, capacity of the computer depends on it. It is an important part of the computer. It is also called CPU. It is just like a human brain, it is also called the brain of a computer. It is under the computer that keeps an eye on all the speed methods.


What is CPU and how does it work?Evreything in details


Floppy Disk
This is a type of storage. We use it to store information permanently.


The full name of RAM is random access memory. In this, you can keep your program and the work done in it for some time, you can store it for some time, after some time this temporary accumulated data gets destroyed. This memory is also called read write memory.


Its full name is read only memory. It is a memory that can be read only by the output of the written program. No program or information can be stored in it. Its task is to fix the most important data or instructions in the computer, which work on time.


A new computer is a circuit, installing RAM, processor ROM, floppy disk, hard disk, and other applications. It is like a thin plate but it contains a lot of things, connects many parts directly.


Graphics Card
Its function is to show the image well on the monitor.


Audio Card (Audio / Sound Card)
It produces the sound it takes on the motherboard.


CD or DVD drive (CD / DVD Drive)
A computer or laptop has a CD or DVD drive. When we want to watch something from a CD or DVD, it is seen by putting it in this drive.

You must have heard two words related to computer hardware and software, now we will tell you what these are.


Ordinarily we can see, or touch all the parts or devices of the computer. All such parts are called hardware. In other words, it is the bo part that physically builds the computer. Such as – monitor, mouse, printer keyboard etc.


A computer does not have its own brain, so it does not act self-consciously and we have to give instructions to them to tell them what to do. These instructions are in the form of a program called software. Therefore, software is the part  that we can see and work on, but cannot touch it. They are different. The smartphone that we are running today also has software in it.



If you want to read the English article about the parts of computer , then you can read it because it was explained in detail in this very best way.


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