What is corona virus and ways to avoid it in Details?

What is corona virus

Nowadays, this virus has caused havoc all over the world. Started from China, the virus is now spreading to other countries. So far, 30 people have lost their lives due to this virus. And more people are still suffering from this disease.What is corona virus and ways to avoid it in Details?.

Let us tell you that this virus is very subtle but its effect is very powerful. If we talk about humans then this virus is 900 times smaller. But its effect is huge. Many people are undergoing treatment. But so far such suspicious cases have been seen in 80 countries.


What is Corona Virus?

If understood directly, it means that if a person is suffering from corona virus (COV) infection. This infection can cause cold and breathing problems.

This new India was never seen before. But the infection of this virus was first seen in Wuhan city of China. People came to know about it in the month of December.

According to WHO, the symptoms of this virus are symptoms like cough, cold, fever, difficulty in breathing.

But so far no vaccine has been made to stop the virus. Doctors are giving medicines with some similar symptoms. And scientists are also doing their research about its exact medicine.

Please tell that this virus has created an initiative not only in India but China, but till now thousands of people have died due to this virus. The health organization has already imposed emergency because of this growing virus.

This virus is spreading everywhere today, so you must know about it so that you can protect yourself from it. So, for your better information, read this article carefully below. You are going to get all the information related to this virus here today, which can prove to be very important for you.


Where did the corona virus originate?

China is the first country to be infected with the corona virus. And this virus is spread by eating animals. You would know that most people in China eat animal flesh. And this virus is spread by eating bats. People of China consume many types of poisonous creatures such as bat snakes, scorpions etc. Nobody knew about this virus yet. But in the month of December, the virus has become childlike.

Most of the people of China who lived in the city of Wuhan. The people there are more impressed by it. There is outbreak of this virus at all places like mall parking etc. Due to fear of this virus, people there are also afraid to get out. China has built very large hospitals for the people affected by it.

So that these patients can be properly treated at the hospital or out of the hospital. So he leaves with a mask. All the people working in the hospital wear a particular type of uniform. With which he protects his body.

The virus, which started from China, has disturbed the people in the world and is trying to find many ways to avoid it, but it has not yet found any proper treatment.


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How did the corona virus spread?

By eating meat of animals by humans, symptoms of this disease or a virus have been seen. If we talk about this virus, the most effect is from bats.

In China’s Wuhan city, people mostly eat bat meat in hotels. And the first suspect or infected person was found in this city. And gradually there it took a very fast form.

And today it has spread to many places around the world. So far the number of people infected with this virus has exceeded 950000. And about 3000 people have lost their lives due to this virus.

How many people died of corona virus in China?
However, no data has been released about this yet. But its figures have been revealed differently in different cities of China. Most of all, the virus has been affected in the city of Wuhan.

Most deaths have occurred there. After this, more than 3000 people have lost their lives in the grip of this virus in Hubei province of China.

But more than 950000 people are exposed to the virus in Hubei province of China. And the government is making every effort to protect it. The WHO has also called an emergency meeting in this virus case.

In China, shopping malls, factories, schools, colleges etc. have been closed for a long time. Even if people go out, it is not without a mask.

So to avoid the outbreak of this growing virus, you should also step out of the house with the appropriate remedy when you get out of the house. This is a virus that is not able to be realized even when a person is infected.

How many people have been infected with the corona virus so far in China
The virus has so far crossed 1.5 lakh in China. And at least 4 or more than 5000 people have died. Talking about the largest population in the world, that country is China.

Apart from China, people from outside countries also go to work or study there. With the outbreak of this virus, the government of each country has recalled its own citizens.

Few cities are like this. In which less symptoms of this virus have been seen. There, all the safety precautions are increasing from this. People are being made aware of its rescue. A website released the figure of people who died in China. But under some pressure, he deleted this post.


How many countries in the world has the corona virus spread?

So far more than 75 countries have come under the grip of this virus. People from more than 4000 different countries have lost their lives due to the virus. And many people are infected with this virus, they are undergoing treatment in the hospital.

More than millions people in the world have died due to corona virus. And more than that it is infected.

Due to corona virus

This virus has been known to people but it was first introduced in animals. But being in animals, scientists had not even discovered much about it. But when humans started consuming animal flesh etc., then this virus caught its pace.

In China, people eat only raw or boiled animal flesh. If the mass is eaten by boiling or cooking, then the diseases in the animal are destroyed. But these people consume raw meat only. Because of which this virus was first found mainly in the people of China and today it has spread its outbreak in Chinaas well as other countries.


Symptoms of Coronavirus

This virus can be identified very well, because of this, the infected person has a problem of fever, cough, cold, runny nose or sore throat. Jai Bharat spreads very rapidly from one person to another. Like if a person has a cold that is affected by coronavirus. If some of its spoil falls on a man or someone in front, then he too will be hit by it.

1. First person gets fever (Covide 19) in this.
2. And then there is a dry cough. And after some time, he starts having trouble in breathing.
3. If a person has a cold or cough, it should not be understood that the person is affected by the corona virus. Due to the arrival of this virus, many types of behavior have also arisen in people.
4. Most people whose age is more. And that is already a disease like asthma heart disease. So they can be affected quickly.
5. Some such symptoms are also found in colds and flu.


Corona virus rescue

Some precautions to avoid this virus are given below, you can avoid it by following them.

1. You have to pay attention to your personal hygiene.
2. Whenever you shake hands with an outsider, you should come home and wash it thoroughly with soap.
3. Always carry handkerchiefs with you whenever you all get well or sneeze. So put it on your mouth.
4. Whenever your hands appear dirty or if you come from outside, wash them with soap or any liquid.
5. If you are sick, see the doctor immediately and keep distance from people.
6. Contact immediately if you have trouble breathing, coughing fever.



Because this virus is spreading today, it is known that almost everyone has symptoms about this virus, very few people know about how to avoid it, so today we have with you through this article. What is Coronavirus? And the complete information about its escape measures has been shared.

So that you get proper information about it and you can save yourself from it. I hope you have got all the information about this virus. If the information given is good, then share it with your friends.


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