What is CPU and how does it work?Evreything in details

What is CPU and how does it work

This is the most important part of the computer and its full form is Central Processing Unit. The CPU is also called the brain of a computer. Just as human beings cannot do any work without their brain, in the same way, computer cannot do any work without CPU. Today in this article (CPU in Hindi), I will tell you how CPU works. The data inputted into the CPU is processed, after that we are able to use that data correctly. Its main function is to execute programs. Apart from this, all the functions of the computer like -Memory, Input / Output device are also controlled. In addition , data is stored in memory only by the CPU.


Main functions of CPU –

The main work of 1-CPU is to work according to the instructions given to the computer, that is, it works according to the input given by us.

2- It works to operate all the devices connected to the computer correctly.

3-CPU stores data in storage devices.

4-Mathematical and logical tasks are done correctly and at the right time by the CPU.


CPU full form–
Its full form is Central Processing Unit.


Main Part of CPU

It has the following three parts –

1-Airthmetic and Logical Unit (ALU)

2-Memory Unit (MU)

3-Control Unit (CU)


1-Airthmetic and Logical Unit – This part of the CPU is also called ALU. It performs arithmetic functions on division data such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and logical operations. It consists of an electronic circuit capable of calculating binary arithmetic. The working speed of ALU is very fast, it performs about 10,00,000 counts per second.


2 -Memory Unit – This unit stores the output of instructions and results. It is an important part of the computer where data and programs are located during the process and are available immediately if needed. This memory is called primary or main memory.


3 – Control Unit – This part controls all the internal part operations of the computer. It controls the input and output process and directs the exchange of data between memory and ALU. It manages and coordinates all units of the computer. It controls the transfer of data and instruction and helps in transferring other units of the computer.


What is Computer Parts – Information about Computer Parts?


What does Core mean in CPU-

You have often heard people say that my computer’s CPU is dual core (two core) or quad core (four core), so do you know what core means in the processor or else I will tell you. For example, if a man completes a work in two hours, if two men do the same work together, then the work will be finished in an hour, in the same way the Processor is. The more core the processor has, the faster it will be able to do any work.


What is Hyper Threading in CPU

Some CPUs can be extended by virtulizing their core by a system even though it is single core, that means if a particular single core CPU is given more electricity than the electricity flowing in it, then the core can be increased through hyper threading. Can This method is known as Hyper Threading. In this method, the core in the Processor that grows through hyper threading is virtual core, that is, no core increases in real.


What does clock speed mean in cpu

In any CPU, clock speed means that how many number of data can it process in 1 second. These Processor Frequency how often is it tells the processor to switch1 second which is on / off happens, switch times in L Second on / off of the processor will be able to process the data at the same speed so always good clock speed Take the processor. The clock speed of the CPU is measured in Hz.

If the clock speed of a CPU is 10 Hz, then that CPU is 1 second, then it can process 10 number of data because its frequency is 10 Hz and 2 GHz then it can process 2 Billion data in 1 second.



If you want to read the English articel about the parts of computer , then you can read it because it was explained in detail in this very best way.What is CPU and how does it work


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