What is Cricbuzz and what are its benefits?In details

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What is Cricbuzz and what are its benefits

If you do not watch live matches and are very big lovers of this game and do not want to miss a single moment, then you will definitely like this post because in this we will tell you What is Cricbuzz and its benefits. I think if you are fond of playing cricket or are fond of watching cricket then you must have heard the name of cricbuzz apps and website. This is such a cricket live score website where the scores of all the matches can be seen very easily, that is why today this site is very popular among the people.

What is the history of this website based on the cricket and the start of its app, match schedule, one day ranking, what is the test ranking will also be known. You are going to know all about them one by one in this article, so if you are searching on Google to know about cricbuzz or if you want to know more about it, then today you are reading the right post. Of course after reading this post, you will get complete information about how to know cricbuzz live cricket scores ball by ball without even watching the live match, which is very helpful to you. Read this article till the end so that how you get the latest information from cricbuzz news will also be understood.


What is Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz is an online Indian website to view match scores, on which any person can view the match score of any team with the help of internet on their phone, laptop. Apart from this, it provides the facility to watch cricket related news, videos, scoreboards, player rankings, commentary etc.

This is a very popular website in today’s time to see the scoreboard of any match. Today, we use this site the most. The best part of this is that whether it is World Cup, T20, ODI, Test match or IPL match, it gives the user the ability to view the scoreboard of all the matches. That is why today It is the most used site for watching cricket scores around the world.

Friends, if we talk about cricket today, it is such a popular game around the world that people leave their work, business, college to see it, but they definitely watch the match. Cricket fans will be seen all over the world, but the people of India have a different passion to watch cricket matches. Most cricket lovers from around the world are seen in India. On the day the match comes, the cricket lovers of India leave their work and like to watch the match.

You will also use the same app to see the score of the match, but have you ever tried to know what is the history of this website or how to watch cricket schedule and cricket news, no matter today you will know that Cricbuzz What is Cricbuzz in Hindi. If you are fond of watching cricket, then you should know about Cricbuzz for your basic information, so if you want to know about it, then this article must be found here, you are going to get full information about it today, which you It is very important for everyone’s basic knowledge.


History of Cricbuzz –

Seeing the popularity of cricket, the cricbuzz website was created in 2004 by Pankaj Chhaparwal and Praveen Hegde to look at the score of a cricket match and in 2010 an Android application of the same name was also created. By downloading this, Android users can easily see the scoreboard of the match.

In 2014, a subsidiary of Times Internet of India acquired a majority stake in it and then in 2015 the Bali Gocricket website owned by Times Internet was merged into this website and the Gocricket website was redesigned on cricbuzz. The first match score on this site was shown for the match between India and Sri Lanka in August 2015 .What is Cricbuzz and its benefits

Apart from this, it also has its own application, with the help of which one can see the news score related to cricket, etc. This application is also a very popular application. If you talk about its popularity in detail, then tell you that in 2014 it was the most searched website in India. In 2014, its app was downloaded by more than 50 million people. The same site is used by more than 50 million users worldwide. Talk about this in 2020, this site has been ranked 197th worldwide and 35 ranking by Alexa Internet in India. Which clearly shows how popular this site is.What is Cricbuzz and its benefits




Special features of Cricbuzz

It has many such features that attract any cricket lover to see the score. Let’s know about its features one by one.

The best features of this is that from here whether you are a T20 match, ODI, Test or any season of IPL, everyone’s score board is seen here.
You can also find out how many wickets a bowler has taken, how many overs have been done, or how many balls have been scored by which player.
Along with the score board, you can also watch highlight videos, news videos etc. of the match.
The way you watch commentary on live TV, you can read the commentary here as well.
By visiting this site, you can easily find out what position of which player in the cricket ranking.
Live Cricket Scores
Here the way we see on TV how many fours, sixes have been hit during the match by which player has hit many fours, sixes or how many overs have been given by the bowler, how many runs, wickets have been given in the same way. The number of wickets on the ball or which player has scored how many balls, all of them are known here.


Cricket Score with Commentary

On visiting this site, you can enjoy reading the match commentary along with the score of the match here. The way we watch live matches on TV, then you enjoy what is going on between the bowler, the player or the umpire on the field, in the same way that you are watching every minute of what is going on between the bowler, the player on the field. You can read the complete detail here.



This is a big part of cricket which we call series. There are three types of series in cricket ODI, Test, T20, so here you will get information about the series that is going to come or has happened. And what its result means, who won the series, who lost, meaning you will get all the information related to the series.

According to the series, when and where the match will be played on the field, this complete detail can be seen from here. This means that it is a very good feature of this site, when you can easily find out which series match with whom it can be done from this, there is no need to do some separate search for it.



Schedule means only some series are connected. From here, you will get the complete information about which team with which team the cricket management has played here, apart from this, you can get the complete information about which day on which ground the match will be determined on the basis of which time.What is Cricbuzz and its benefits


Match News

If you talk about this point of this site, then it is a very important point. Just as the news related to cricket is shown in TV news channel or news paper, in the same way now all news news can be read from here as well as who has been given the man of the match. You can learn about this information only.



After the World Cup, every team and players are given a ranking in different alah format based on points. The ranking of every international player is determined by the ICC based on their point. These points are given to them based on their batting and bowling performance.

Talking about the format, you get to know which are the top 10 batsmen, top 10 bowlers and top 10 teams in Test cricket. Similarly, the rankings of Best Bowler, Best Batsmen and Best Team are also given for One Day and T20 matches. You can get information about what Kins player has contributed in the match or ICC has placed him in Kins rank. Which players have been placed in the top 10 rank by the International Cricket Council in the Kines format? His full information can be seen from here.

As you can see about the ranking of the top 5 players in the screen short below, but let us tell you that we have given the screen short of 5 players for your information only, if you want, then all the players by going to the ranking option of cricbuzz site Can find out the ranking of.


Point Table

Whenever a team wins a match, they are awarded points, which improves their ranking. Each series has a point table. Whenever a series in which there are more than 2 teams, the team is selected for the final match based on the point table.What is Cricbuzz and its benefits

Which team has won so many matches and how many matches have they lost or which team is on which position. You can see the complete details of how many points he has. For example, if you watch the match, then at that time in your IPL and World match, how many matches have been won in that match, according to that team is kept in the table. Which you can see here.


Cricbuzz on IPL

IPL is a format of cricket that people love to watch. It started in 2007 and India hosts this tournament. The popularity of this tournament is very high. That is why this site has linked IPL to its site.

As long as the IPL matches go on, they cover all the scores of the matches, news, IPL highlight video, IPL point table, etc. So that cricket lovers can enjoy IPL cricket on cricbuzz like live TV too.


Why is Cricbuzz popular among people?

If we talk about the popularity among the people of this site, then after reading about it above, you might have understood why this site is popular among the people. The rest, if we can say it in our simple language, then we can say that it is a site where any person can know all the information related to cricket.What is Cricbuzz and its benefits

Whether it is an IPL match or a World Cup. Whether ranking of a player, match news means that anything related to cricket can be read by everyone on only one website. This is the reason that today people use this site to see the score of the match and it is popular among most people.


Benefits of Cricbuzz

Following are some advantages of this site.

You can see the score of any match.
Along with watching the match score board, you can also watch high light videos, news etc. of the match.
From which position the team is in the table, how many matches they have won, can get information from here.
You can see the proper information about the ranking of players in T20, ODI and Test.
In IPL season, every news of IPL means that we can see about score board, match result, match video, news, photos etc. from this site.What is Cricbuzz and its benefits.


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