What is Database and Data and types? Describe in details

What is Database and Data and types

What is Database and Data and types,Do you probably know about Database, if you know how to use Mobile or Computer, then you must know about it. We can call Data a small part of any kind of information or information and we can call Database any kind of information. Can say a group of information too.

In today’s digital world we can know about any kind of Latest Information by using the Internet.
In the world of Internet, we often hear the name of Database. Whatever we see on the Internet, all the information we hear is stored in the database of a server which we can easily find by searching on Google.Internet collects and store data form all over the world. Store stays so that anyone can access from anywhere.

All the biggest companies of the world store all the data of their employees or workers online only on the internet. Nowadays, all important documents are also stored online so that even if we forget to take the documents along with them, it is easy through the internet. I can access it.

What is the Data & Database?

Data is called Information or Information in daily language.It can be of any type, it can be related to a person, object or place.
Data is displayed by Characters. Presenting means like – Digit No. (0-9). Alphabets No. (A – Z) etc.

Database is a kind of information or information group or museum. It can be called Database to the data stored in a computer.

In Database we can store any type of data of Impotent Document, Worksheet, Mobile Phone data, Image and Video etc. by this we store it in an arranged way so that we can easily access if needed.
You must have used Microsoft MS-Excel in your computer, where we use a table to store our data. In this table we can make any kind of worksheet according to our work. This worksheet is called Database.

Database uses all the big websites in this digital world. Table is used to store data in these websites.
For example – Facebook, Instagram, all these websites have all types of data of users like – their Phone No., E-mail ID, Photos, Videos etc. Stores in the Database present in the data server.

Types of Database

Database is known by the Database Model. By this the logical structure of the database depends on the Database Model is of three types.
Hierarchical Model
Network Model
Relational Model

Hierarchical Model

This is the first model of Database. This model displays data like a tree. This model has a root to which all other types of data is connected. Trees means tree has nodes and branches. That is the tree has branches. Same way, the tree has branches. It also contains parts. This tree displays the logical database of Tree.

Network Model

This is the second model of Database, this is a kind of powerful model, but it is also a little complicated, because all the Nodes and Table of Data are in the link, so this model is displayed with Graph Structure. In this model, Department, Student, Course and Professor are connected with each other or stay in the link.

Relational Model

This is the third model of Database. Which is a very important and also a powerful model like Network Model. In this also Database is displayed as a Table. This model also has Row and Column of Table. It has Database of Table. There is a special relationship with you, so it is called Relational Model.
Example – Oracle Relational Database Management System etc.


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Database all Components

The main three types of components of database are.
Database User
Application Program

Database User

This is the main components of the database. They can search user data from anywhere. User can search data from any corner of the world. There is no restriction in it, but there should be a network, only then the user can search. It can read user data but the user does not get the information on how data is stored and where it is stored.


The full form of this Components is ′′ Database Administrator This is a kind of manager of the whole system who manages the system and also update Time To Time.

Application Program

This is Components DBMS Software Program. It is used to manage full data. This is an Application Program which manages the Database.

Examples of Database

Dbase – Dbase is used in Microcomputer. It has all important components like Database Engine, Query System, Form Engine.
IMS – Hierarchical Model is followed to store data. It is used to manage information.
Foxpro – Foxpro is a Database Management System along with Object Oriented Programing Language. In present time it is called Visual Foxpro.
Oracle – Oracle is based on an Object Relational Database Management System. It is used very much in this digital world.
Mysql – Mysql it’s another an Object Relational Management System. This is a type of software that stores and manages data.
DB2 – This is also an Object Relational Management System. It is used to store data and analyze data.

In this blog, we have given you complete information about Data and Database which will help you solve your problem. If you have any questions related to this blog, you can ask us.

What is Database and Data and types

What is Database and Data and types

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