What is Domain and Types of domain?Explain in details

What is Domain and Types

When we do some search on the Internet, then from the search results, we go to a website and there is a link in the middle to go to the website from the courage results. Meaning we reach a website through a link and there are many links to this method in the same website. A large website has a link in different ways for each post. And using the same link, we reach the same website.What is Domain and Types

But if you ever look carefully, you will see that the person who enters a website using the link, we first have a common word like www.google.com , and the main link that we have on the internet In the website world, the domain is called. I told you about the domain here on Mr. few words. But the domain is not such a small thing that I can say in these words, so you have to read / read all the details below to know.

What Is Domain

When we search by writing something on the Internet , then many pages or links from all the websites linked with the same word come in front of us and we click on any one of the links and reach any one website. What we have clicked on is a link to a website which we can call Gate Way . Because using the same link, we can see any website and enter it. It may not be a complete website, a page of a free website or a post.

A website has many posts and each post has a link in a different way, which we have called the URL . And through these urls we can access the posts of this website.

In this method, the number of urls of a website is more common than before, which means two to three words per young man. Here, by giving an example


Of all the links / url given on it, the first 3 to 4 words ( www.google.com) is one in each link. Meaning the first 3 to 4 words are one, there is no different type of word added to it. In this method, the main word of a website is called the domain on the website on the Internet (ex: www.google.com) . What Is Domain 


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Types Of Domain 

If you have ever looked carefully, then you will surely be able to see if you have searched something on the Internet, now a lot of websites come in front of it and inside it there are different ways of addressing a website. There are many reasons for this method to have a different website address, and this method has been made domicile depending on the same reason .

Top Level Domain ( TLD )

By looking at its name, you must have understood something that is of the top level and its name is also worth more, it means more value. If you have searched some of your words on the Internet, there is a court behind all the websites that come to you first, such as – .com .org .gov.in .edu .in . But inside this domain, .com .org .gov is the domain of the same method before any search result, so the domain of this method is called Top Level Domain .

Country Code ( CcTLD )

This top level domain method is used only for one country meaning country. But this does not mean that people will be able to search in that country only and will not be found in any country. It is not like that if you search the same domain in any country in the world, then it can come.

But the domain of this method is used only to run a website within a country. It happens that the domain of this method quickly crosses search results within the same country. In this way some exams of domain like – .in .us .bd .uk etc.

Secend Level Domain ( SLD )

Second level domain is the real account of the top level domain . In a domain , we take it as a name. To understand it in a better way, just look at my domain name is DJTECHHINDI.COM This is the former Secend Level Domain and .Com Top Level Domain .

I hope that all the problems you have with top level domain and second level domain have become easier. The root word for taking a dominance is a second level domain and the extension at the end is sometimes a top level domain and sometimes a country code level domain.


Third Level Domain ( Sub Domain )

We have learned about both parts of the domain before this. One is the top level domain and one is the second level domain. The word that comes after both is Third Level Domain ( Sub Domain ). We do not listen to the third level domain , but we must have heard about the Sub Domain a lot.

Most of the time this Sub Domain is available for free because such a Sub Domain is created by adding a word before the real domain . The sub domain of this method is found on Blogger , and on WordPress .

What is Domain and Types


Friends, I hope you know what is domain and how many types of domains. Even after this, if something is lost or you do not understand, then comment below, I will hope to fill it.Friends  even after this, if something is lost or you do not understand, then comment below, I will hope to fill it.

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