What is Domain Authority and how to increase website’s Domain Authority

Domain Authority and how to increase

If your mind this question is What is Domain Authority and how to increase website’s Domain Authority , then this article is going to be very useful for you.

At present, there are millions of users on the internet and websites are made in Thousands of numbers every day, and all of them have the same effort to make their website come in front of the people on the internet, so that their identity can be different.

All of them have complete focus on only one thing, that in any way, their website ranks at the top of Google’s page, for this bloggers keep on growing slowly by adopting many ways.

If seen, there are only a few websites which are more famous on the internet.

Backlinks, Google page rank etc. are some such SEO terms that almost every blogger knows about which blogger uses to rank their website or blog on search engines, so that more clicks on their site links. There will be more traffic increase due to which they will get good income.

To get any site to rank at the top of the search engine, all those terms which are from SEO are the most important , one of these terms is the Domain Authority which is known to very few users, but it is not a part of any blog. Is very important for

If your focus is not on it, then your site can be in a very low position on the search engine, if this happens then the results of your hard work will not be able to be found well.

What is Domain Authority ?

Domain authority is a type of grade or metric called DA in the short term, it is created by Moz company, its aim is to give a rating of 1-100 to any websites. This rating shows how much your website is ranking on a search engine.

If the DA of a website is good , it scores very well on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) , it is the most important factor for SEO. The higher the DA of your site, the more strong traffic you will get.

DA of almost every website is different. The DA of the new blog is very less, after three to four months it is 10-20. As the domain gets older, its DA will also increase. The higher the DA, the more organic traffic will be found.

How to check Domain Authority ? DA Checker

There are a lot of tools available ( DA Checker ) to check the domain authority of a website on the internet which you can use, out of all the domain authority checker tools , Moz Open Site Explorer ( Moz USA is very famous company which has lots of SEO tools and analytical tools are offered .) Is a very good tool. When you add the domain address of your site to it, then this tool will show the latest DA score of your website in front of you.

40 different factors are checked by Moz’s system to rank a website domain, it may contain the age of your domain, the number of links to your site, links from websites with high DA etc. . Analyzes 40 factors like this for Moz team rank.

The DA of any website is never constant, it keeps increasing or decreasing. If your website’s DA is increasing then it is good news and if DA is decreasing then it is not a good sign for your website.

Let us know which things are almost required to increase the DA of your blog.

How to Increase Blog’s Domain Authority?

You will not be able to buy Domain Authority from anywhere nor steal from anyone. If you want to increase your DA score, then for this you will have to follow a strategy by making it and keep a lot of patience with it.

The simple meaning of increasing the domain authority is to increase the chances of getting high ranking on the search engine. Such links that your site is getting from those sites whose DA rank is very high.Doing this will prove to be a milestone for the authority of your domain to grow. Here are some important points below which you can improve the DA of your blog by following: –


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1. High Quality Content Publish

Writing a quality content is very supportable to get a good DA score, because everyone likes a good content. For this, you have to increase the length of your content (at least 800 ward) so that the reader can get as much information as possible.

With this the content should be unique and keyword targeted. You always have to remember Content is Srwopri . Because the content attracts readers / visitors, you should not compromise in any way in this matter.
Images, Videos etc. Should be used properly. Always write your content like a professional.

2. Internal Linking is the key to Domain Authority

Linking the page of your website or blog with other pages is called interlinking. Whenever you post a new article on your blog , then with your post, link 2-3 pre-made posts of your blog which is on good ranking on the page of Google search engine.

The thing to keep in mind here is that you link those old posts which have similarity with the topic of your article to be posted.By doing this, the link extract will keep coming from the old post to the new post and the chances of more visitors / readers coming to that post will increase. With which the DA of your website will start increasing.

3. Create High Quality Links for the Site 

To increase the DA of your website, link building is a game changing factor factor. You should try to get as many High Quality Links or Backlinks as possible.

You have to keep in mind here that if you do not make links in a wrong way, if you do this, then you will get many links in a short time, but you may get all those links from low-quality websites. But you damage your site ranking yourself.
So you have to work with patience in the right way, there are some factors to get high quality links.

A- Social networking sites on your content to share to

B- Guest Posting to

4. Website to Open the process to Speed up form

The site whose loading time is less, the same website gets high ranking on Google’s search engine page. Therefore, you have to pay full attention to it that the faster your website will open in the browser, the more visitors will be interested in visiting your site.

To increase loading speed, you use compressed images so that the page is not too heavy.

5. Comment to

Make comments by going to another blog or forum with related niche, after doing this, do-follow links start coming and readers coming to other blog or website will start coming to your blog, which will increase the DA as well as popularity of your blog. Will start happening.

6. Social media Sharing

Our website or blog gets referral traffic from social media and the brand value of the site also increases. Social media is a very good medium to rank the content of our site or say website on Google’s search engine page and to make the contents reach the maximum audience. The more the audience, the more domain authority.

7. Publish Content Regularly

ou regularly on my blog Content Publish will continue so that when your blog update, Constantly if it is a bit difficult to Publish on your blog if you do your Domain will to improve Authority, the thing you later You will feel yourself when your site’s DA will increase.


It takes some time to get a good and high DA and it will also be difficult, but if you follow all the methods mentioned well, you can also achieve high DA defiantly.

I hope that you have understood what is Domain Authority and how to increase ,All the points mentioned above are in any quality blog. The better the blog quality, the better and better domain authority.


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