What is DONGLE? and use of it.The advantage of dongle.

What is DONGLE and use

Today’s post is more important for those people who want to run the internet in their computer or laptop, you will read this post carefully and you will get the answers to your questions, we can use the internet in our smartphone very easily. But to run the Internet in a laptop is a bit different, there you can not easily run the Internet, in such a way, DONGLE is used, today we will talk about What is DONGLE? And how is it used?

In this post, we are going to answer all your questions about how the computer can be used by the USE, with the help of which we can run INTERNET in the computer. If you have never used the dongle before, then you read this post. Later, we will get all the information related to it and will be able to easily run the Internet in your laptop or computer.

If you want to run the Internet for a very long time in the computer, then you can use a dongle in such a situation, through this you will be able to run the Internet easily in your computer or laptop, and by putting it in your computer, you can use it in your computer. No PROBLEM of PCs is going to come, it has been specially designed to be installed in the computer so that people can add it to their computers and run the Internet.

If you also want to take the dongle, then here is something to keep in mind that dongle comes from many companies, you can take any company, we will tell you in full detail below.

What is DONGLE?

Understand the dongle in simple language, it is a USB DRIVE which you can connect to any device by connecting it to the internet, most of all we use it to run internet in computer. Dongle comes in many types. Most of the SIM dongles are used, in this you can easily get the SIM code, but here you will be able to insert the same SIM which is the dongle of the company.

The first dongle we told you is called INTERNET DONGLE, which is available today in everyone, you can easily put the sim in it and run the internet but now we talk about the other dongle is its name WI-FI DONGLE In this, you can use the Internet with the help of WiFi, the advantage of this is that you can run multiple devices simultaneously.




Have the advantages of the dongle?

We have talked about this, but we are going to talk about what are the benefits of the dongle, if you also want to use it, then you must know about its benefits, however, there are many benefits if you If you are using, but here we want to elaborate on some important points.


Its biggest advantage is that the size of this device is low, which makes it much easier to use and it can be taken anywhere and there is no problem in putting it in your computer.It needs less, it is more useful, we can take it with us anywhere and we will not even know that we are carrying a dongle with us.


As we told you earlier that there are remote dongles with the help of WiFi dongle, you can connect multiple devices at once. You can connect 5 computers at once and all of them with internet. You can run it at once and you can also run internet through your smartphone.


Whenever we use the Internet, we are most concerned about security because there are many different types of viruses available on the Internet today which can cause a lot of damage to our computer, but when you use the dongle If you do, then it is much more secure, it will not harm your device in any way.

If you also want to run something inside your computer or laptop, then after reading this post you must have found the answer to this question. You have explained about DONGLE ? In great detail and in simple language.

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