What is Excel and it’s Features? Explain in details.

What is Excel and it's Features

Today in which post we will learn about Excel, and we will also tell you about What is Excel and it’s Features post ? Every information related to this is going to provide, together we will also talk about Microsoft Excel Features, so that you will be able to know more about Excel.

Today, if we need to organize our office or any work, then Excel plays the most important role because in it we get very good features so that we can do our work more easily and better.

There are many big companies, right now, most of their work is done by the patient of Excel at the right time. If you also want to do some of your work in the right way, then Excel can be a good option. We linked today in this post. We will share every information and will also tell how you can use it.

Because many people do not know how to use Excel, so if you are also among those who do not know about Excel, then our post must be carefully and to the last where But we are providing you every information related to it.


What is Excel?

Microsoft Excel is one of the most suitable spreadsheet functions that helps us manage data. Alternatively creates logical charts and thoughtful graphs Microsoft Excel is supported by both Mac and PC platforms. Using Microsoft Excel to balance checkbooks, expense documents Can also be used to create, create and edit formulas.

It mainly consists of tabs, groups of commands, and worksheets. The worksheet is made up of rows and columns that make up cells to each other where data is entered. It performs many functions such as computation, data analysis, and integrating data. Is capable.

Microsoft Office Button, Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar are the three main features of Excel that you need to focus on while learning Excel.


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Microsoft Excel Features

AutoShapes: The AutoSaps toolbar will allow us to draw some geometric shapes, arrows, flowchart items, stars, and more. With these shapes, we can draw our graphs.

AutoSum: It helps us to add the contents of a group of adjacent cells.

List AutoFill: It automatically develops cell formatting when a new component is added to the end of a list.

AutoFill: This feature allows us to quickly fill cells with chronological dates or numbers and repeated documents such as repetitive or sequential records. AutoFill can also be used to copy functions. We can use this feature with text and Numbers can be changed.

Wizard: It guides us to work effectively while working by displaying many useful tips and techniques based on the work we are doing. The drag and drop feature allows us to record and drag data only with the help of a mouse. Will help in reposing the text.

PivotTable: It flips data in seconds and allows us to perform data analysis and documents such as periodic financial statements, statistical documents etc. We can also graph complex data relationships.



Here you provide complete information related to Excel where we told you that Excel Kya Hai? Along with this, we have also shared with you through this post in great detail about its best features, so that there is no problem of using Excel.


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