What is File System and types of it?Explain in details

What is File System and types

We will talk here what is the file system? And we’re going to tell you in a lot more detail about how the fire system works along with the Types of File System.

If you have never heard of File System before, then you should do this post carefully where we will give you all the information related to it in detail so that you can maximize the file system.

Because file system in computers is very important without it we can’t place any file in our computers correctly and the file system also plays an important role in running our computers. More on post about all this Will talk in even more details


What is the file system?

A file system is a process of managing how and where data on a storage disk also called file management or File System it is a logical disk component that separates files into groups known as directory This is the abstract for a human user and is related to a computer so, it manages the internal operations of a disk.

Files and Additional Directory may be in the directory though there are different file systems with windows NTFS is most common in modern times impossible for a file with the same name and to remove established programs and retrieve specific files without file management Impossible.

At the same time there would be no organization without file structure in files. The file system enables you to see a file in the current directory because files are often managed in a hierarchy.
On storage devices, files are stored in sectors where data is stored in groups of sectors called blocks. The size and location of the files are identified by the file system, and it also helps to identify which sectors are ready for use.

Apart from Windows, there are some other operating systems that include FAT and NTFS file systems but Apple products (like iOS and macOS) use HFS+ because the operating system is horizonized by many different types of file systems.


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Types of File System

Flash file systems

The flash file system is responsible for restriction, performance and special capabilities of flash memory. It is better to use a file system designed for a flash device; however, a disc file system is the basic storage media, which is a flash memory Could use the device.

Database file systems

Database-based file systems are another way for file management. Files are identified by their features (e.g. a type of file, author, subject, etc.) rather than hierarchical structured management.

Disk file systems

On a disk storage medium, a disk file system has the ability to randomly address data within some time. Also, it includes the estimates that caused the speed of data access. Regardless of the sequential location of the data, many users can use multiple data on a disk with the help of a disk file system.

Network file systems

A network file system provides access to files on a server in remote networks-connected computers, with the help of local interfaces, programs are able to transparently create, manage and reach hierarchical files and directories. File-system-like clients for FTP and WebDAV, and AFS, SMB protocols, NFS network file systems are all examples.

Shared disk file systems

A shared-disk file system allows the same external disk subsystem to be accessed by multiple machines, but when the number of machines reach the same external disk subsystem this situation can cause collision so, to prevent collision, The file system decides which subsystem to access.


What have we done here in the file system? We have shared every information related to What is File System Hindi with you in very detail through this post. Along with that we have also told you about Types of File System.
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