What is Floppy Disk parts and uses of this?In details

What is Floppy Disk parts and uses

Do you know about Floppy Disk, very few people know about it, in this digital world we must know about it, but the person who knows how to run a computer, then it is mandatory to know about it.What is Floppy Disk parts and uses 

Floppy disks, also known as Floppy Disk Drive (FDD), were used a lot earlier, until the CD-ROM Drive was not very popular since the 1970s, Floppy Disk was very popular.

This is a thin flexible magnetic disk, through which data is read and written in the computer, for this, the computer should have a Floppy Disk Drive.


What is Floppy Disk

Floppy Disk It is also called Floppy Disk Drive (FDD). It is a magnetic disk, it is very thin and flexible, so it is called a floppy disk. It is made of a special type of plastic sheet by which the computer data is read and Is written.

The Floppy Disk that we use in the computer has a size of 3.5 inches or 5.25 inches. This is called mini floppy or micro floppy. This disk can store very little computer data, because of its very small amount of storage Since people use it very little, but earlier it was used a lot, then the use of CD-ROM has reduced the use of floppy disks.

Any data that we store in Floppy Disk can only access that data with the help of Floppy Disk Drive. Transferring files through Floppy Disk, copying data is used for many such things.


Some Important Parts of Floppy Discs

The floppy disk has been divided into various parts, now we know about its important parts.


Read & Writet Heads

The reed and right heads are one of the important parts in a floppy disk. They are located on both sides of a diskette and move together. One of the heads is used to read and write and the other heads are used to track. This is done for erasing, data can be written on “Clean slate” even without interfering with analog data on a wide track.


Drive Motor

The drive motor engages a very small spindle motor that is attached to the metal hub in the motor diskette center, which makes it spin 300 or 360 Rotations per minute (RPM).


Mechanical Frame

Mechanical Frame This opens the system’s levers and also opens the Little Window and allows an external button to touch the read / write heads from the Dual – Sided Diskette Media and at the point where the diskette goes to Loaded Protective The window closes in the diskette.


Stepper Motor

This motor steps into the Precise Number to bring the Read / Right Heads assembly to the proper track position and the Read / Right Heads assembly is interrupted with the Stepper Motor Shaft.


Circuit Board

Circuit Board It contains all the electronics used in read / write. It also handles all those in the diskette with which the Stepper Motor Control controls the circuit. It is used to move in each track.


Floppy disk type

There are different types of floppy disks, let’s know about this.


8 inch fluffy
The first floppy disk was made by IBM. At first it was used only as a read format and later used as a reed and write format, it was about 8 inches in diameter, so it started to be called 8 inch floppy disk. Its capacity is the most The first was 1 MB.


5.25 inch fluffy
This floppy disk was also used to read / write data. The read / write system used 5.25 inch floppy. The storage capacity of this disk depends on its single and double sides which can store its records in density. It holds two types of DSDD its capacity – 360 KB, DSHD its capacity – 1.2 MB


3.5 inch fluffy
The data is read / written at a fast speed through this floppy disk, it is small in size but its storage capacity is very high. This floppy disk spins at a speed of 300 rotations per minute, from 400 KB to 1.44 MB. Has storage capacity.


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Uses of Floppy Disk

Flophy disk has been in use for a long time, it was used very loudly but now some people are using it.

The main use of the floppy disk was to read / write the data of the computer and it is also used for data storage, it was also used to back up the data file.


File is also transferred by this disk. Floppy disk was an important disk for the earlier computer, but it was used very rarely as the use of new technology has reduced its use but now some people use it. He is using

Earlier computers did not have a CD-ROM drive, so the only support that was used was to install a floppy disk, then the capacity of the floppy disk was only 1.44 MB, so to install a larger program, it would require more than one floppy disk. Were used.



In this article given, we have given you detailed information about What is Floppy Disk parts and uses . If you have any questions related to this article, then you can ask us, we will definitely answer your questions.


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