What is GIF and How to make your own gif,Berfly explain

What is GIF

GIF is being used a lot on the internet today, everyone is sharing it with their friends, if you use the internet, you will know better What is GIF and How to make your own GIF? Today we are going to answer all the questions related to this topic in this post.

They are being used the most on WhatsApp, people are sharing different GIFs with their friends and you are also sending those with your friends, if you too are from your friends. Together we want to send it and if you do not know how it is made, we are going to tell you.

You can make this on top of any topic, if you want, you can also make a GIF of your photo and if you are using some famous message apps like WhatsApp, then you are already given some great GIFs in it. So that you do not need to add separately, but if you want to make your own GIF, then you should read this post carefully.

What is GIF?

If you do not have any information about GIFs or you have not used them before, then let us tell you that this is a kind of video, this video is only one or 2 seconds of video with Animation Is added to what we call GIF.

The size of all these is very less, so in this Messaging Application, many such GIFs can be added at the same time, if you do not want to make it, then today there are many such websites on the Internet from where you can get those for absolutely free. Can download


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How to make GIF ?

Here we are sharing with you some of the most famous websites, with the help of which you can make GIF easily, even if you have not made GIF before, yet you will be able to create GIF easily through these websites. But it will tell you in full detail how to make your website


In this website you can make different types of GIFs such as PICTURE GIF, YOUTUBE TO GIF, VIDEO TO GIF, and also you can easily create many of different categories.

The interface of this website is much simpler, so you are not going to have any problem in making a GIF here. First of all you need to create on-line inside this website. After creating an account, you will get options from me for what to make . According to that you want to be able to select your category, and if you have a good one that you want to upload, you can do it inside this website.


This is the second website in our list, if you want to make a GIF in it, then this website gives you the facility to already provide thousands of good images for free, so that you will not have much problem in making it, and if you want some of it If you want to add EFFECT or add TEXT, then that option will also be found here.


This is the third website in our list, in this you can also create in 3D, which is the name to make inside many other websites, but here you can easily create  in this website you can have all the You will get tools that will help you make a one.

If you want to make a GIF of your photo, then this website is perfect for you, it has a separate tool which will help in making GIF of your own photo.


We have given you complete information about through this post and in addition, we have also told you that make that has also shared some good websites here, with the help of which you will be able to create this online, and you There is no need to download any software inside your computer separately.

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