What is Google it’s history and service everything in details.

What is Google it's history and service

You must have used Google in one way or the other to get an answer to a question, online to fill a form. Even social sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. are also used to run Google. We use Google to open every website.What is Google it’s history and service

Today, with the help of Google, we can easily find the answer to any question within a few minutes, but it was not so 15 years ago. We used to resort to books or ask anyone to know or read anything, but since the Internet and Google have come, we can easily read everything.

So what is Google that made our work so easy? You must have heard many people saying that this is a search engine, this is true, it is a search engine, but today in this article we will know in full detail about google.


What is Google?

Google is a website called search engine because whatever we search in this website, then this website gives us the results related to that search if this website has information related to that search.

It is the largest search engine in the world, in which crores of websites are registered and most of those websites can be accessed. Through Google’s Webmaster Tool, anyone can register their website in Google and whenever a user searches for a word in Google and if the answer to that word is in a website, then Google will show that website in their result page.

Google is a very advanced search engine that gives a very accurate answer to any query, which is because Google’s Algorithm which easily understands any query and provides the result accordingly. You can also register in Google by creating your website and you can also earn money from Google.


Google’s most popular services

It is an American company which provides a variety of features along with search engines such as Google Drive in which you can feed your file, photo and other types of data online and if needed , transfer that data to any device in your device. You can access using Gmail.

You can use Google play store to download any application and use Gmail for email services. Apart from this, we use only Google’s Android Operating System in our Smartphone.

Today we use many services of Google like Google Maps, Google Photo, Gmail, Youtube, Calendar etc. Through Google Duo, we can do video calling and it also has a social site called Google Plus, so we can share messages, photos etc.What is Google it’s history and service


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History and development of Google

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they earned a Ph.D. at Stanford University, California. Were students of It started during a research project because at that time there were no search engines that could analyze a webpage properly. The search engine created by Larry Page and Brin in 1966 determines the site’s Reputation based on the backlink of a site.

After this, changes were made from time to time and in 1998 Google was established as a private company before Google was under Stanford University.

In August 1998, Google received financial assistance of one million dollars, which increased the operation of its work and in 1999 started the work of advertising. In addition, the Android Operating System was launched in 2007, which led to the rapid growth in the Google market and the development of mobile advertising.


Google’s Major Products and Services –

From time to time, Google launched a lot of apps and services to attract its user, which added more and more users to Google. Some of the major services of Google are:

Chrome Browser – It was created by Google in 2008, which is the most popular browser today. It is available for both Android and Windows.

Android – This is Google’s most popular operating system which is used almost every mobile nowadays.

Gmail – It provides us email service with better security

Blogger – This is a website of Google which provides us the facility to make a better blog. If you want to create a blog, you can go to the blogger ‘s website and share your knowledge and you can also earn.

Google Drive – This service of Google gives us the facility of cloud storage, in which we can store our documents and files and can view and use them anytime.

Youtube – Youtube is a video sharing website in which people can watch videos and also register user videos.


Who is the CEO of Google?

The CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai of Indian origin who is mainly from Tamil Nadu. He joined Google in 2004 when he was a product and innovation officer at Google. In 2008, he played an important role in creating Chrome browser, after which he was appointed CEO of Google in October 2015.



I hope that you must have understood this article of mine, What is Google it’s history and service, if you have any questions or suggestions related to this topic, then please tell in the comment box. Share this article with as many people as possible so that everyone can know about Google and subscribe to our blog for similar topics.


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