What is GOOGLE PAY and how to use gpay easily?

What is GOOGLE PAY and how to use

What is GOOGLE PAY and how to use:Google’s official online money transfer app is Google’s official online money transfer app. Today in this article we’ll talk, what is Google Pay, how to create an account on Google Pay, Google Pay how it works, how to use the Google Pay and how to earn money from Google Pay.

In today’s time,we all do every work online using the Internet. And sitting at home, shopping or recharging and sending and receiving online payments have become common.


It was launched in the year 2017 , which is now popularly known as Google Pay. Using this, you can do money transfer and receive money, with this, you can easily do home recharges, train bookings, electronic bills and shopping etc. from home.


Along with so many tasks online at home, you can earn millions from the Google Pay App. So, today we will tell you important information about Gpay.


What is Google Pay?

Google is a Digital Payment App. Which has been launched by Google to make money transactions to users. Gpay App can be directly linked to your bank account Bank Account so that it can be easy to send and receive payments.

Gpay app is available on both Android and iPhone but you cannot compare Gpay with Paytm. Because Paytm is a Wallet and Bank App.


How does the Google Pay App work?

You can easily transact by encrypting the Newly Tokenized Card to transact money with Gpay.

How to use Google Pay App?

To use Gpay, first of all you have to download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store  like all applications in your smartphone or window.


To use Gpay, you must have a mobile number which is linked to your bank account and that mobile number should be activated so that it can be easy for you to link to Gpay bank account.


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How to link Google Pay to Bank Account?

After downloading Gpay in your smartphone or window, first you have to log in with your name, email and phone number. After logging in, you will get an OTP on your mobile number, which you enter, your verification process Verification Process will be completed.

After the verification process is complete, select your bank by clicking Add Bank Account Option on the Gpay app and generate the PIN and click on the link bank account. After that you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number Register Mobile Number and confirm it by entering it. Your Gpay account is completely ready. Now you can start using Google.


How to pay with Google Pay App?

You have already learned to create an account on the  app, now let us tell you how you can make payments with the help of Gpay? So let’s know –


After opening the Gpay app, click on the new payment option on the screen, select your contact number and click on Pay. After entering Amount, click on Process to Pay. Now after entering the PIN number, the money will be paid directly from your bank account.

If you want to receive money from someone through Google Pay, then only you have to provide your number on Google, this will get you payment.


How to make money with Google Pay? How To Get Cashback 

Like Paytm, Gpay also gives cashback to its users, on Google, more than a limited transactions get up to gift scratch cards. Apart from this, many other scratch card offers are received.


Apart from the transaction, if you send someone through Bhima UPI or Gpay number or program light bill mobile recharge, etc. Even then you get cashback from Gpay and not only that, if you share the Gpay app with your friends and family, then you get a reward of ₹ 51.


Some important things about Google Pay App 

Through the app, you can recharge your mobile and pay DTH light bill and water bill, etc. while sitting at home. Apart from this, you can shop your favorite products and clothes right from home. On this, you get to see the history of all your transaction transactions. You can transfer the cashback received on gpay directly to your bank account. There is no wallet available her, you can directly deal with your bank.

It is a secure Digital Payment App. You can freely exchange money on this. Apart from this, if you need any help or information , then you can know by tapping on the contact or help center on Google .


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