What is GPU? How gpu works and different types of gpu

What is Gpu and works

We all know what computer is? How it works, today we will know what is GPU, how it works, what is the use of it in a computer, we will know well about all these.
A computer has been built with many parts like – Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse etc. You know very well about all these parts but when we do editing and design in computer we need Graphics Card. These are available only in very good PC or Leptop. The bigger the Graphics Card, the better the editing can be done. This is very important for a PC.

In this digital era, everyone uses Computer and Smart Phones and new Processors are being used in these PCs and Phones. Using these Processors, PC and Phones perform very well so that we can also use them. It’s fun.
They give such a good performance only through GPU, because of them we can see video and image in High Resolation.

What is GPU?

GPU is a very important part for a computer. The full name is ′′ Graphics Processing Unit The main work of this is to do all the work related to graphics. We see the image or visual in a Compuer and Phones screen, all are graphics. Also does all types of graphical calculations.
Computer Graphical is made of very small Pixels, it runs big applications through GPU.

How it works
GPU, which is Graphics Processing Unit, the main task of rendering the Images in the computer is to run the applications with High Graphics. Earlier CPU used to run these applications, these applications were very slow run. Now this work is done by GPU.
It has a Parallel Processing technique, using which it can do many graphical calculations at the same time, using this we can see Images and Video, High Quality on Screen.

All the 3 D Movies we watch on screen in cinema house are possible only through graphics and when we play High Games in mobile phones and computer that is also possible through this.
GPU is also used in mobile phones like computer. It is used according to its use in phones. Only GPU handles Image, Video and Games etc. in phones. These software changes all the time.

Using in Android Mobiles Phones
GPU has a big contribution in all Android Mobiles, Phones, Tablets etc. We are seeing all new phones these days like – GPU is being used in a very good way in Samsung, MI, vivo etc.
The main task of this is to reduce the load of CPU. It is very useful in playing 3 D Games in Mobile Phone.

How GPU is different from CPU

This is called Graphics Processing Unit. Central Processing Unit is called GPU, Computer handles Graphics Part. Controls all the devices of the computer. Handles the meaning.
This is a Specific Purpose Processor like – handling graphics in Computer and Mobiles Phones, but CPU has General Purpose Processor who works all types of work like – doing mathematical calculations, viewing image, watching video etc. Let’s do CPU, all computers and mobiles are in phones.

Whatever computer or Leptop we bring in Integrated, the company’s graphics card comes in them, we get to see it in computer or leptop. We can’t make changes in it.

Non-integrated who lives in computer or Leptop but we can change in this Graphics Card. We can put graphics card of any other company like – AMD, Intel etc.And CPU controls all devices connected to it, manages them and process all desktop works and output quickly. It is very flexble.Processing in GPU requires very little memory while Processing in CPU requires more memory.


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 GPU Brands in Computer and Mobile Phones

There is a lot of GPU companies in computer, about which very few people know like – Intel, AMD etc. When we go to the market to buy a computer, we often ask whether it is a Graphics Card or not, which company it belongs to, most of the people take the Graphics Card of Intel.
Mobiles Phones also have many Graphics Card companies like – Adreno GPU, Mali GPU and PowerVR etc.

Adreno GPU is built by Qualcomm company with Snapdragon Processor is used. This GPU uses many mobiles companies like – SAMSUNG, HTC etc.
Mali GPU making company is ARM, ARM company has 21 designs of this GPU. In digital times this GPU is used in SAMSUNG’s Phone Galexy Note 4, Galexy S II.
PowerVR GPU is also a GPU of Mobile Phone. It was given license by SoC. It was used in old SAMSUNG phones.

In this blog, we have given you complete information about GPU. If you want any information related to this blog, you can comment with us. We will definitely reply to your comment.

What is Gpu and works.What is Gpu and works


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