What is Hard Disk types and parts of hard disk in details?

What is Hard Disk Types and parts

Today we will know what type of Hard Disk it is. In today’s era, many people use computers and then they will also know or be aware about Hard Disk, on which type we can store our goods. Some space (space) is needed to keep it, similarly in computer also, some space (space) is needed to store files, data etc.What is Hard Disk Types and parts

Hard disk is used to save files or data in computer, it is used as a memory in computer which stores all types of digital data.


What is Hard Disk

The hard disk is called ‘Hard Disk Drive’ in daily language and in sort is called ‘HDD’. It is a hardware device for the computer, it acts as a storage device for the computer. Its main function is to store the data. The computer has to be stored permanently so that it can use the data when needed.

In Hard Disk itself, we save all our types of Impotent Software, Data, File etc. so that all data can be safely secured. This drive acts as a secondary storage device because all the data is safe when the light goes out.

Hard Disk is placed in the computer’s CPU and it is connected to the motherboard. It is also called Non-Voletile Memory because it saves the computer’s data Permanently.

Hard disk has more than one circular rotating disk to save data. The faster the disk rotates, the faster the data is stored. Hard disk speed is measured by RPM. Hard disk is first created by IBM. When it was gone, its storage capacity was only 5 MB and the weight was about 250 grams.

Today, the storage capacity of Hard Disk is about 5400 RPM to 7200 RPM, the higher the RPM, the higher the speed Hard Disk stores the data. With the coming of Hard Disk, the computer is very much able to save huge data. It has become easier.


What are the types of Hard Disk?

According to its work, there are different types of Hard Disk. In today’s era, there are four types.


1 PATA ( Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment )
PATA It is also known as IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics). Firstly this Hard Disk was used. It contains 40 drinks. This Disk is used by a cable to connect it to the computer which is called PATA Cable. The transfer rate is 133 MB per second.


2 SATA ( Serial Advanced Technology Electronics )

SATA Hard Drive has more data transfer rate than PATA Hard Drive, this type of drive is more in today’s computers and laptops, it has about 7 drinks, which helps in sending files, in this data transfer rate. This drive is very thin at around 300 per second.


3. SCSI ( Small Computer System Interface )

The full name of SCSI is Small Computer System Interface. This Hard Drive is mostly used in Small (Small) Computer System Interface. This type of Drive consists of about 50 to 70 drinks.

The rate of data transfer by this drive is 640 MB per second. SCSI cable is required to connect it to the computer.


4. SSD ( Solid State Drive )

The full name of SSD is Solid State Drive. This drive is used in almost all new computers and laptops. It is much lighter and smaller than an ordinary drive but is also a bit expensive. It has a high speed of accessing data. 


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Hard Disk Parts (Parts)

Hard Disk has been divided into many parts, now let’s read about its important parts.

1 Magnetic Platters – Through this information of computer data is stored in the drive magnetically, all the data which is saved in it is saved in binary digits.

2 Read & Right Head – This is a type of small magnet that is placed in front of the Read / Right arm, its function is to record and store information.

3 Read / Right Arm – This is the back part of Read & Right Head.

4 Actuator – With its help, the Read / Right Arm rotates. This part is very important for Drive.

5 Spindle – It rotates the platters, it is in the middle of the platters.

6 Circuit Board – Its function is to control the data of platters.

7 Connector – Connector It performs important functions in a drive, it transmits data from Circuit Board to Read & Right and Platters.

8 HSA – This is the Parking Area.

9 Logic Board – This is a chip that controls all the inputs and outputs from the Hard Disk Drive.


Functions of Hard Disk

The main function of HDD is to store or store all the data of computer in Drive. It stores data Permanently. HDD has many types like – PATA, SATA etc. It has the ability to store storage in different hard disks. Vary.

It acts as a storage device in a computer, today it is used in almost all computers and laptops.



In this blog, you have given information about Hard Disk in details, if you have any questions related to this blog, then you can ask us, we will definitely answer your questions.


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