What is HOTSTAR and How to use hotstar app?In details

What is HOTSTAR and How to use


Hotstar is the most used app for watching movies, TV shows, web series and cricket matches. Almost everyone will be well aware , but even if you do not know, in this article we will talk about What is HOTSTAR and How to use


There are many apps in India which are used to watch Movie and TV Show. But it is the best option to watch Live Cricket Match online sports (Latest Movie) TV Serial and Web Series. This is the reason why it is used the most in India.


What is HotStar

This is a Digital Entertainment App used in India. It was launched by Star India in 2015, which has become so popular today. Hotstar is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment, a Star India-owned subsidiary Video On Demand comes to the Stream Media Service Provider.

You can watch any TV show and cricket match online. Currently, more than 400 million people are using it, while more than 100 publisher publishers are interested in showing their ads on Hotstar.


You can enjoy it’s service by opening Hotstar’s official website in any device with an Internet connection, whileit’s application can be used on mobile devices and windows.


Why is Hotstar so popular?

It is currently India’s largest premium stream service platform.It has more than 10,0000 hours of Movies Drama and Video in 17 different Indian languages, which you can watch anytime and anywhere as per your wish.


Hotstar is mostly used by people to watch Live Cricket Match Online, to watch Online TV Show, to watch Hollywood Movie, to watch Bollywood Movie and to watch Hotstar’s Original Web Series.



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How to use Hotstar?

To use Hotstar, you can install  application in your device or if you are using PC or Computer, then you can visit Hotstar’s official website hotstar.com.


4 most important features

TV Channels

After visiting Hotstar’s official website or application, you will see the option of TV channels.

After clicking on the TV channel, you can watch more than 30 TV channels as per your choice. Apart from this, you will find all the channels of Star India .



For those who are fond of watching movies, Hotstar is a great option. By clicking on the Movies option o, you can watch thousands of Hollywood and Bollywood movies on Hotstar by categories of Action, Comedy, Drama, Thrilled, Family, Kid’s, Crime and Romance etc. Can watch movies based on

Which language movies are available on Hotstar?











Superhit Full HD Movies in Adi Language will be seen in Superhit Full HD Movies and Trailers.


It mostly used by people to watch live sports live Sport’s. To watch sports, you can see live streaming sports and updates by clicking on the sports section on app.


What sports can you watch on Hotstar?

Those interested in sports can watch these Sport’s.






Tennis Table

Tennis Sport





Etc. All types of Sport’s can be seen live and anytime.



You can now watch news on here. Yes, now you can see live breaking news , Live Breaking News Popular News, Popular News Top News Top News and Breaking News Breaking News etc.

Which top news channels are available on Hotstar?

The following news channel is available on  App

ABP News

India Today 

Fox news 

Sports News

Aaj Tak News

Etc. All popular news channels can be seen live.


Why use Hotstar? 

The biggest reason for using this is to watch Live Sports Match, watch Live Sport Match, watch movies movies, watch TV show TV Shows, and watch Original Hotstar Web Series.

If you are fond of watching live cricket matches, live cricket matches and all sports matches then Hotstar is a great option for you. Not only this, this is the best app for watching new releases and all super hit HD movies and TV shows online.


Note –

Hotstar provides free service to users for a short time. If you want to watch Hot and big top channels, sports and movies, you will have to premium plan by hotstar premium, only then you will be able to take advantage of  best service.


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