What is HTML and how to learn it explained in details.

What is HTML and how to learn it

Do you know What is HTML and how to learn it  and why it is so popular in the world of computers and the Internet . If you keep interest in the field of computer then you must have heard  somewhere. So today in this article we will understand detail and also how to learn it.

You must have heard the name of Programming Language and if you do not know Programming Language, then it was already mentioned in this blog that you can read and study in this blog. It is also a Programming Language which is used in creating web pages.


What is HTML

This is a computer language called Markup Language and its full form is “Hypertext Markup Language”. It is used in the creation of any web page . Accordingly, the creation of any website starts with HTML because no website can be created without it.

Structure of a web page is created from HTML itself. Meaning where the heading will appear in that web page, where will the paragraph be, where will the image appear, etc. When you create a web page, you have all these elements like Heading, Sub heading, Image, Video and many more elements that you have to set through coding.


Why is HTML used?

As has been known above,it is used in web development . Now you must be thinking that there are many languages ​​other than HTML, so why web work does not work with them. You must be aware that to open any web page, a web browser is required, with the help of which a website can be accessed.

In the early days of the Internet, many languages ​​were used to build a website. So that the web browser used to have a lot of problems, making the browser according to this language. After this, any website made by international institutions can be made in HTML and CSS, JavaScript only. After this, the browser was made according to these languages.


History of HTML

It started with the invention of the Internet. You can also assume that both started simultaneously. It was created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1991, but it was published in 1995. He made it to communicate through the web so that data could be sent from one computer to another.

It was invented when Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web (www) . Because they wanted to transfer data between computers in a wireless way. To do this, he created html so that he could create a web page. After the creation of html by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, many people have made a lot of improvement in it, which you can know better from here as well as learn html – W3School


How to learn HTML

In the programming language, This is being considered very easy because in it you can create the largest web page with the help of some tags. If you also want to make a career in the field of web development , then you must learn html because without learning HTML you cannot design a web page. Also you have to learn CSS and JavaScript .

To learn  you can also take help of a local coaching institute and apart from this you can also learn online. Online you can learn html both by Paid and Free methods. There are many channels on YouTube itself which serve to teach many types of programming languages . There are many websites on Google too, from which you can start html.

In this article also we will learn about the basic of html and will also create a simple web page. The main role in html is of html Tag and if you understand all html Tag well then you can create a website of any type. Here are some Tag names –

Head Tag –
Body Tag –
Title Tag –
Heading Tag –
Paragraph Tag –
Image Tag –
Audio Tag –
Video Tag –
Bold Tag –
Button Tag –
Table Tag –

Whatever tags have been given above, it has been given to you for example that how tags are used in an HTML document . For example, if you want to put an image in a document, you will use the tag and if you want to create a table, then you will use the tag. For further example, we will create a web page.


Who should learn HTML and why

If you are learning computer or want to go in the IT sector or you are doing digital marketing, then you should know html in all these things. Because slowly almost all types of businesses are becoming online and in such a situation it is very important to have a website and app for that business. If you have good knowledge of html then you can also do freelancing .

For freelancing ,you can use a website called Freelancer in which many projects of web designing are posted. In this, you can make a website according to the choice of the people and give it to them and in return they will pay you a fixed amount. There is a lot of demand in web development, people charge 10 to 20 thousand of each website. So if you want to go into the field of computer and internet then html must be learned.


What is Programming Language How it works and types?


How to create an HTML Document

You can use Notepad to create html documents or you can use Note Editor on some other side. Notepad is available in almost everyone’s computer and if you make a document with Notepad ++ Software then it is much better. If you know about the tag of html well then you can do this work in jokes. So let’s see how a web page is made.

Let me tell you that Title and CSS and many types of scripts are written inside the Head Tag. After this, Body Tag comes in which all the content of the web page is written from Heading to Paragraph. All this was just for an example so that you can easily understand how a web page is made.


Why is CSS used with HTML?

In addition to html, css and JavaScript are also used to create a web page . Web pages created only by html are very simple and basic, but by applying css in html coding itself, you can make the page attractive and stylish. For example, changing the font of any paragraph, changing the color, making the size of the text smaller or larger, etc., all of this is done by the css itself.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) has an extension of .css and is used only with Markup Language. To design any web page properly, it is very important to use it. With the help of CSS, a web document can be designed in almost every way.



Friends, I hope this post is good about HTML. Today’s technology is web technology because almost all types of companies, startups exist on the World Wide Web. Everyday many websites are made and in such a situation, if you want to make a website then you must learn.


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