What is IP Addressing and types of it?Describe in details

What is IP Addressing and types

What is IP Addressing and types,we are going to talk about how you can find your device’s IP address. We are going to provide you with all the information related to IP-ADDRESS in this post in detail so that you can find the ip-address. I could know more..

Along with this, we will also tell you what works for IP addresses and it is so important for the device and also talk about how crores of devices connect simultaneously on the internet and how exactly The right information reaches the right development.

Here we will explain in great detail how an IP address works because it will help you understand how important an IP address is and without it, it won’t be able to function properly on the internet.
Here we would like to inform you that any device that connects to the internet must have its own IP address, without any ip-address, it will not be able to connect to the internet. We’ll tell you more detailed in this post further.

What is the IP address?

IP stands for internet protocol. It is a protocol defined in the TCP / IP model used to send packets from source to destination. The main task of IP is to deliver the packets from source to destination based on the IP addresses available in the packet header.
IP defines packet structure that hides data that is to be delivered as well as addressing method that labels datagram with source and destination information.

An IP Protocol offers a connectionless service, with two transport protocols, i.e. TCP / IP and UDP / IP, so internet protocol is also known as TCP / IP or UDP / IP.
The first edition of IP (Internet Protocol) was IPv4. After IPV 4, IPV 6 came into the market, which has been rapidly used on public internet since 2006.


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Types of IP addresses


Public address:

Public addresses are also known as external addresses because they are grouped under WAN addresses. We can also define public addresses as a way of communicating outside the network. This address is used to access the internet.
The public address available on our computers provides remote access to our computers. With the help of a public address, we can set up a home server to access the internet. This address is usually given by ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Private address:

A private address is also known as an internal address because it is grouped under a LAN address it is used to communicate within the network these addresses are not rooted on the internet so that no one from the internet Even traffic could not come to this personal address. Address space for personal address has been allotted using InterNIC to build our own network.

Personal addresses are mainly handed over to computers, printers, smartphones that are kept indoors or computers that are kept within the organization for example, a personal address has been assigned to the printer that is kept inside our house Putting in so our family members can get prints out of the printer.


What is IP Addressing and types,we have shared the complete information related to how many types of IP addresses are with you through this post. If you have any other questions that are not answered in this post, you can also ask us through comment below.


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