What is Java Programming Language?Every details

What is Java Programming Language

Hello friends, you must have heard the name of JAVA at least once in the field of computer and internet. So in today’s article, we will know what Java is and why it is so popular in the world of computer programming.What is Java Programming Language

If you are interested in programming and coding then you will have a little idea about Java. But if you do not know about Java at all, then after reading this post, all the doubts related to Java will be cleared.

What is Java?

“Java is a General Purpose, Object Oriented, Multipurpose Programming Language that is more commonly used in creating mobile applications.”

Most of today’s Smartphones run on Java programming language, in addition, Java is used in many electronic devices like TV, Smart Watch, Networking Device, Wireless Equipment etc.

It is a high level programming language that can be written and understood easily. Syntax of Java is like C ++ language, so it is considered a bit easier to learn. It resembles a little bit from c language also.


Applications of Java (Language Programming Language)

So now let’s talk about what kind of softwares is used in making this language and how can we use it. As we have already known in Java (above) that Java is a Multipurpose Programming Language used for various types of applications.


History of Java

It is often asked in competitive examinations who created the Java language and what was it intended for. So friends Java was created by J ames Gossiling and his colleagues working at Sun Microsystems .

Initially, when Java Language was created, it was named Oak . It was later renamed Java. Java was created specifically to build mobile applications. And in today’s time, 8 out of 10 mobiles run on Java only.


Here we will know step by step about many applications of Java and also know what is the relation of Java to Android Development . So let’s see one by one –


Mobile Application: Java is considered to be the best language for making Mobile Application, especially for Android Platform. This is because the Android Operating System itself is made up of Java. So if you want to make Android App then you must learn Java.

Web Application: Better web application is being made today using Java Technology. Dynamic web pages are created using Java’s own Technology Servlets and JavaScript (JSP ) in the World Wide Web .

Banking App: Java has an important role in the creation of a Banking Application because this type of application requires a lot of security and speed. And Java is considered to be very Secure and Fast Programming Language.

Other Application Of Java

Apart from this, Java is used only in the big software industry, IT companies, but in these places a separate version of Java is used JEE (Java Enterprise Edition).

Gaming Technology: If you are interested in making a video game then Java is the best programming language for this. You can create a 3D game by Java Scripting in a Game Engine called JMonkeyEngine . This Game Engine is made specifically for Java Game Developers and this engine is also built in Java itself.

Apart from all these, many types of software are made from Java such as Scientific Application, Cloud Application, Desktop Application etc. Many types of gadgets, in automated machines, use the Java program in robots.


Types of Java

There are a total of four versions of Java used for different types of computer programming. The most popular version of Java is JEE and it is very much liked by Software Developers as it has many Pro Feature with which an Advance Software can be made.

Its next three editions are also very powerful and below are the four versions of Java, along with their features and uses –

Java SE ( Standard Edition )
Java EE ( Enterprise Edition )
Java ME ( Micro Edition )
Java FX

Java SE ( Standard Edition )
Whenever anyone talks about Java Programming, it talks about its Standard Edition because it provides all kinds of Functionality to the user. Java SE API provides core features of Java Language

Advance Software can be made with the help of its High Level Classes and Objects. It is used in Networking Platform, Database, GUI Development etc.

Java EE ( Enterprise Edition )
It is Java’s Advance Platform which provides its own API and Runtime Environment so that you can create a program on a large scale. The biggest use of this platform is by big companies and people from banking sector to make their software.

It has more security options and Pro Tools are also available, from which a Reliable and Secure Software can be developed.

Java ME ( Micro Edition )
This version of Java is also very important because it allows special applications for mobile and wireless devices to be made with less effort. Its interface is also easy and people like to use it to make mobile applications.


Features of Java

Java has become so popular due to its features. There are many such Advance Features of Java that make it a better Programming Language. Java is a complete programming platform that provides many types of tools and facility to the user.


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Below are some of the features of Java that will be very helpful if you are reading or understanding about Java for the first time –

Simple And Easy
Object Oriented Programming
Platform Independent
Robust Or Strong

Simple And Easy
Java is considered a simple and easy language because it is easy to learn and understand. Its Syntax follows the concept of C ++, so if you have read a little bit of C ++, you can easily understand Java. Apart from this, it is Object Oriented Language , so it becomes a bit easier to understand and manage the code written.

No one can leave Java behind in terms of security because hacking a program or software created by Java is considered very difficult. A virus free program can be created with Java and there are less chances of getting error in it.

Java programs run inside a Virtual Machine (JVM) and have their own Run Time Environment and this is why their security increases further. Java also has some security options like SSL, Cryptography etc. and using them can make the application more secure.


Object Oriented Programming ( OOP )

Java is a Pure Object Oriented Programming Language and everything is coding based on the object. Object Oriented means that the code is written by binding it with some object like name etc.

With this, the program is very fast execute and even the longest program can be easily managed and understood. In OOP, programs are placed in Objects and Classes, which makes it easier to organize and write programs.

Platform Independent
Java Platform is Independent Language which means it can be run on any operating system. It should just have JVM (Java Virtual Machine) installed. Its code can be run by installing JVM on Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

Java is different from all languages ​​with its own feature. In other languages, code has to be written based on the operating system, but it does not. The reason for this is the conversion of Java program to bytecode.

In this, the first Java program is compiled and converted into bytecode and this bytecode can run in many operating systems with the help of Java’s API and JVM.

Robust Or Strong
Programs written in it are very strong, meaning they do not crash quickly at the time of run. Java is also known for its security. Apart from this, there are less chances of getting error in it.


What is JVM in JAVA and what is its function?

JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is a kind of software installed in a computer in which Java’s program has to be run. Because of JVM , Java program can be executed in any operating system.

Once you have taken to write Java Program to him by Compile Byte Code is changed and it is worth understanding the byte code JVM. After the Java program is changed into byte code, the program becomes portable and can run in any operating system with the help of JVM .


What is JRE or Java RTE?

JRE stands for Java Run Time Environment. It is a set of software which contains many tools including JVM like Code Libraries, Classes etc. JRE is a part of Java Development Kit (JDK) . JRE has all the facilities that are required by a programmer.


So friends, I hope that this article is what Java is . I have talked about many important points related to Java in this article. But if there is any suggestion related to this information, then do comment and tell.


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