What Is Linux Operating System? Learn Everything, History And Benefits

What Is Linux Operating System

What Is Linux Operating System? Learn Everything, History And Benefits,you have probably heard that Linux is an operating system. That we use everywhere. Android, iOS, Window Mac. It is an operating system like that and it is also the most preferred operating system as it is very secure and error free operating system. Linux operating system makes open source available and it is also free. The most important thing about the Linux operating system is that it is used in almost all the Internet servers. We use it everywhere in cars, computers, smartphones etc. You will know about the operating system very well, if you do not know, then there is nothing to fear, in this article we will also know that if you want information related to Linux, what is Linux, what is its history, Who is its owner? What are the advantages of Linux? So you read the entire article here, so let’s know what Linux is and I sincerely hope that this article will be beneficial for you. You do not have much difficulty in reading, so I have distributed all the topics thoroughly.

What is Linux?

First of all, let me tell you that Linux is an operating system. Operating system is program of programs. The operating system is open source available. Here all the functions and programs of the computer are controlled. It is a multi-processing operating system. It was built for the Intel 80386. Also you should know that it can be run on any computer. Anyone can download this operating system and make changes to it. It is similar to Unix operating system. According to a survey, there is an operating system that has been used in the top 500 supercomputers. It was specially designed for the personal computer user. I think you must have taken the truth or understood it well, now let us know its history and who is here. It contains very few viruses because it is not used very much. Linux Architecturally very strong. And is very immune.


History of Linux

Let us know who is the founder of Linux, it was first introduced. It was started by Linux Torvalds in 1991. Linux Torvalds is a software engineer. He was a student when he started it. Here he made it in his project, he had to get a computer. It has been almost 30 years since Linux came. And this is the most preferred operating system


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Advantages of Linux

Linux is a multi-processing system. This means multiple applications can be run at the same time.
It provides a good amount of security, it has features like password and also data encryption.
It consists of a program that executes the commands of the operating system.
It has a standard file structure in which it becomes very easy to arrange system files and user files.
There is a multi-user system in which users can use the resources of the entire system at the same time.

Linux makes it open source available, it is free.
This software can run all types of hardware.

Linux distribution

It has been distributed separately, this means that its different versions have come in the market, its different versions are for all users. All its versions are free, we can easily download it. This version is called distribution. Let us tell you the versions of some of the most preferred Linux operating systems. Linux is some famous version

One hundred
Arch Linux

Components of Linux
Let us talk about some of the main components. Here we will talk about the three components and describe these three components in great detail.

It manages the part major activity. This is the core of Linux. It installs with the hardware the hardware details to the system.
Works as an interface between applications and hardware. The kernel also decides which process to keep in memory to execute,
it manages interrupts and devices as well. Kernel only handles errors. You can say that all important tasks are done in Linux.

System library
This is a special function using which the system utility accesses the kernel feature. The library operating system implements all functions.

System utility
This is called the program which are responsible for performing other special, individual tasks. It is a WoW program that has more capability to work.

Applications of Linux operating system
All Android mobiles work on the Linux platform.
Linux is used in TV systems for menu systems.
Through this, you can slow down any old or even old PC.
This operating system is also used in the payment process ATM.
This operating system is often used to make video game devices.
This operating system is used to maintain the Internet server data base.
It also helps a lot in the movie industry.
All stock exchanges also run on the Linux operating system.


What is Linux, who founded it and when was it built, what is its history, what are its benefits, how many are its types and also know about its components and finally some of the advantages and features and some of their applications Saw it too. I hope you have understood all this well, now you will not have any doubt in your mind, if you still have any doubt related to Linux, then you can comment below. If you liked this article, forward it to social network sites like Twitter and also send it to your friends. It is always my endeavor that you understand my article well, you do not need to go to any other site, which will save you time. And will definitely give us feedback.


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