What Is Mac OS?History and features of mac os in details.

What Is Mac OS

You may have heard what a Mac operating system is and perhaps you would know that it is an operating system. If you do not know, there is nothing to worry, I will tell about this in this post. It was designed for the personal user, the operating system is a special software that manages all the programs of the computer. You will know that the operating system itself creates a communication link between the user and the computer, where does the operating system itself go to the program of programs. When and by whom it was manufactured, as well as we will also learn about some special features and here will also know what is the difference between the window operating system and the Mac operating system.What Is Mac OS.

Here we will describe the differences between the two operating systems in great detail. What is this. When buying a computer, it gets very confused between pc and mac but let us tell you that both have different advantages and there is a lot of difference between windows and mac. I hope that after reading this article You will get all the related information, the article will be very beneficial for you, read it well, you do not have any trouble in reading, so I have distributed his topic, you can know about them differently, very beneficial for you here And it will prove to be enlightening for you.


What is Mac OS?

It is an operating system. As I told you that no computer can be run without operating system, it is an operating system but slightly different from other operating systems. It runs on Macintosh computer. Mac is the world’s first desktop computer. Apple completely revamped this operating system. Mac Operating system is a series of graphical operating systems. This operating system was created by Apple. It is a Unix-based operating system. Second most popular desktop operating system after window.

Many versions of it have been launched. The GUI (graphical user interface) was used in this. Its name was first changed to Macintosh operating or later. Now you must know what is the Mac operating system. Let us now know when and by whom it was produced, so when we started reading the article to know its history, we will now know about its history.


History of mac OS-

Mac Operating System is a computer company of the United States Apple Inc. Was developed. And this operating system was launched on 24 March 2001. It was absolutely free. By the way, Macintosh was released only in 1984 and after some time its name was changed to Mank Operating System. You must have known what is the history of mac, let us now know what is its feature, we will know about some of its features. And you will also know its benefits.


Feature/advantage of mac OS-

Its price was slightly higher than other operating systems but its design was very easy and its size was also small, which made it very popular.
All tasks could easily be done on a mouse by a Mac computer, without the need to do any work by CommandKey.

It was made for personal computers. It can be said that they were developed only for single-user.
Also, let me tell you that the first time I used GUI (graphical user interface) in operating system, it was based on GUI. Which works to show the graphical icon to the user.


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Difference between window and Mac OS-

Although both of these are operating systems, but both of these functions and these are very different in themselves, though it is both company and we all use them as operating systems but I will tell you some differences here so that you Or it will be known that there is a difference of ground sky in these two.

Let us tell you that the PC completely depends on the CPU. There is only a service pack but you know that I can say that the operating system is much better because it is very less likely to be in it.
The Mac Operating system is a little costlier. But mac is better than PC.

Mac was made by the Apple company itself. I am totally a company on you, but the PC does not belong to the same company. Its software hardware are all manufactured by different company.

If you compare these two with multimedia, then it is not wrong to say that multimedia of Mac operating system is the best.
Mac operating system gets more security, viruses are not easily found in it. And it is also not easy to hack here.

Today computers running on Windows are called PCs and Macs running on Mac operating systems are called. Both fall under the category of personal computers
Windows are used for almost commercial purposes, while Macs are used for graphic multimedia tasks.

I hope you have come to know the difference between these two, now you must have come to know that these two are very different. I hope you are well versed with the window and manc operating system.



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