What is NFC how it works and uses of nfc in details.

What is NFC how it works and uses

Hello friends, in today’s article, we will know What is NFC how it works and uses in the technical world. Often when you go to buy a new mobile, you must have seen the features of that mobile. And they will also see what new features and functions have come in it. Similarly, NFC is also a wireless feature that is available in most of today’s Smartphones.

But most people do not know why NFC is in the phone and how can we use it. So to know full details about NFC, read this article completely. Apart from this, we will know about some such topics related to NFC which are absolutely surprising.


What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that works over very short distances. The two NFC devices can communicate only when they are very close to each other at a distance of about 3 to 4 cm or less.

It is a technology to send and receive data wirelessly like Bluetooth and WiFi which is much faster and easier than both. Connecting an NFC Device is considered quite easy because neither you need to enter a password nor do you have to search any device.

In this, as soon as you bring any two NFC devices very close, they will be connected themselves if they have NFC enabled . After this, you can send or receive any kind of data from your device to another device. This technology is about ten times faster than Bluetooth and it transfers data at a speed of about 424 kbps .What is NFC how it works and uses


How NFC works

First of all, let us know what technology any wireless device communicates with other devices using. So the answer is that a wireless device uses Radio Frequency to communicate with another device . Whatever wireless equipment is there, it has a Radio Transmitter and a Radio Receiver which sends and receives data from one place to another via Radio Signal.

NFC technology is a form of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) . RFID is used in collecting toll tax, identifying any product, etc. Similar NFC Tag also comes which is used in doing some important work. Next in this article, we will know what works NFC is most used for.

An NFC Device emits a very small amount of radio waves, due to which the device has to be brought very close to connect with it. As soon as you touch any two NFC Enable Device, they will be connected wirelessly and you will be able to use it easily.What is NFC how it works and uses


What is NFC Tag 

You must have seen NFC Tag somewhere or other, now whether it is seen on a Visiting Card or on a wall. Nowadays NFC Tag is used in almost every professional things like Access Key, Visiting Card, Smart Watch, Smart Devices etc. With the help of NFC Tag, you can do your work in a very smart way, which will save your time and money.

So let us now know what is the NFC Tag and how it can be used. It is a small chipset which can be in the size of 6 mm to a credit card. In this, data can be filled in very small Amount. In the market you will find NFC Tag of different size like 148 bytes , 888 bytes etc. These can be found from 100 rupees to 500 rupees and you can also buy it online.

After purchasing the NFC Tag from the market, you can set the command according to it like if you have to set your WiFi password in it, then after setting the password, as soon as you bring your NFC Enable Smartphone close to that NFC Tag, your The Smartphone will automatically connect to the WiFi networks.

NFC Tag Procedure and its Applications

So now, what really happens in such a small chipset that can do such a unique job while NFC Tag are completely Self Independent. Meaning they neither need a power source nor any other device. You can place the NFC Tag anywhere and with the help of an NFC Capable Device, you can read and write it.

An NFC Capable Device or Smartphone must be there to read / write the NFC Tag . There are many applications for this and with the help of these applications you can set any of your programs like Message, Notes, Wi-Fi Password, URLs etc. in NFC Tag. And as soon as you touch your NFC Tag with an NFC Smartphone , the Feed Command in that tag will be run automatically.

For example, if you have set the address of a website in that Tag, then as soon as you bring that Tag near the NFC Enabled Smartphone, that website will become open immediately.


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Different Mode of NFC

First of all, let’s talk about how many parts of the NFC ie Near Field Communication is divided into? So NFC is mainly divided into two parts, that is Active NFC System, Passive NFC System.

Active NFC System in Two Way Communication means a Device Can data also Transfer via NFC and Receive can be. In contrast, data can only be transferred in Passive NFC. An example of an active NFC is Smartphone and an example of Passive NFC is NFC Tag.

Each active NFC usually works in three modes – 1. Peer to Peer Mode, 2. Read / Write Mode, 3. Card Emulation Mode. So let’s know a little about them –


Peer to Peer Mode
This mode is used the most in NFC and Smartphone is a good example of this. In two NFC Capable Smartphones, data can be sent and received from both sides. This arrangement is called Peer to Peer Mode. Apart from this, there are some NFC devices that work only for sending information.


Read/Write Mode
An NFC device with the help of which Stored Data can be read and written in an NFC Tag or NFC Chip is called Read / Write Mode. We had read above that some data can be stored inside an NFC Tag and can be read later.


Card Emulator Mode
Today’s modern credit and debit card or payment card mostly uses this technology. A small NFC Chip is fitted into a card and after scanning it with a special machine, the information filled in it is read and payment processing is done. This mode is most commonly used in credit and debit cards.


Use of NFC in daily life

1- For now, it is being used most in the field of commerce. Like in Smart Ticketing, Online Payment, Credit Card etc.

2- It is also used in the field of security. NFC is being used in many other things such as Access Key and identifying objects.

3- Wireless Connectivity like Speaker, Headsets etc. can be connected on One Tap and data can be transferred.

4- NFC can be used as NFC Tag so that we can make our work more easy. Above we have read about the NFC Tag, how and in what activities can use the NFC Tag.



I am sure that you must have liked this article about what is NFC . Today NFC is a better option for sharing information. It is used in almost all Smartphone and Professional places. Next let us see what its future is and what it improves.What is NFC how it works and uses


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