What is Podcast It’s benefits and how to make money from this.

What is Podcast It's benefits

What is a podcast? At present, for any information and help, we watch videos on YouTube and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. But do you know that you can also make audio through Podcast? You can get information by listening to audio.What is Podcast It”s benefits and how to make money from this.


About Podcast –

Let us tell you that Podcast is also made audio to share information like video. The way you get any information, or work by watching videos on YouTube. Right from the same podcast, you can listen to the audio without watching, get information and can do any work. And yes, with podcasts you can also earn money by creating audio like video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Often you have seen that many people share information and their idea on platforms like YouTube and Social Media, perhaps you will also do so. So you can listen to all these information through audio through Podcast and you can also create Podcast.

Starting a Podcast is as big a task as YouTube, because on Podcast we share helpfully information for our Subscribers and Followers, which our Subscribers and Favorites need to like, only then our Podcast will be popular and we will start earning.

What is a podcast?

 Podcast is a platform where you can share articles with people by creating articles like Blogging and audio instead of videos like YouTube. People will like the podcast you have created and will be helped. So those people will become members of your Podcast and similarly your Podcast will become popular.

Actually, Podcast is like a mobile device or application in which we store any information through audio and share it to reach many people.

In the podcast we record our voice as audio. The way we make video from our mobile phone or camera, our voice is recorded with it, similarly in Podcasting we only save our voice which we can share with people and make money.

With the changing technology over time, the time of living and working of people has also changed. People are very busy in today’s time and it is not right to spend much time in any work. Therefore, they do not want to read long articles on the Internet to get any information. Meanwhile, the podcast is becoming so popular, because the podcast provides complete information through audio in a few minutes.

What are the benefits of podcasting?

By now we have come to know what is a Podcast and how to do a Podcast. But do you know why you should do a podcast and what are the benefits of doing a podcast? So let us now also know about this topic –

If you are a YouTubers, or you are a Writer, or you have any kind of skill and can share it to people, then you must use Podcast. Because the information you get will prove helpful to the people.

According to Google, at present, people also use Voice Search while searching on google because Typing takes a little time to search for anything, whereas Google Voice Search is completed in a few seconds.

That’s why more than 55% of people in Google use Voice Search. Voice Search in India is growing very fast. Similarly, people can listen and understand information through Podcast. So that they do not have to spend much time reading long articles.What is Podcast It”s benefits and how to make money from this.


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How To Make Money With Podcasts?

Podcasting can also be made in many ways like YouTube. So let’s know –

Making money by creating podcast is not very easy but it is not so difficult either. To make money from Podcast, your Podcast needs to be popular. Just as monetization on YouTube starts earning money, similarly Podcast needs to be monetized, after that your Podcast will start earning income.

Sponsorship is the best way to earn money from podcast. Like YouTube, you can earn Paisa by sponsoring anyone in your podcast. Making money from a podcast is entirely up to you how much money you can make.

For this, you have to have some skill so that if you help people, you will also get money. In any field you want to create a podcast, share good information related to that topic through Podcasting. If people like the podcast you have created, then you too will start getting money.

Just as YouTube channels that share good information and helpful information on YouTube become popular, similarly your Podcast will also grow according to good, correct and helpful information and reach more people only then you will start getting more earning.

Make a good podcast related to the topic you have good information about. In your Podcast, you should share all the information related to that topic in easy language and in the right way. More people will join your Podcast.

How to create a podcast?

To create a podcast, it is necessary to have a good Internet in your computer or mobile phone.

Now you have to select any good podcast platform on which you want to create a podcast.

If you want to start a podcast from your laptop or computer, first you have to sign-up in the online Podcasting Site.

Where to post podcast?

Just like we share videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. platforms, due to which we get income. Similarly, there are many platforms to publish Podcast, where you can earn money by publishing them.

There are many platforms for uploading podcasts. But some of them are charged by the platform while some Podcast platform is absolutely free.

Free Podcast Platform





If you want to start a podcast from your mobile or tablet, then for this you must first download the Podcasting App, after which you can start the podcast.

If you use a mobile app to create a podcast, then you will have a lot of ease in making a podcast. Podcasting Mobile Application – In Anchor Fm you will get many options, in which you can create Podcast and make Podcast Public for free on any popular Podcast Platform.

How to start a Podcast in a WordPress Website?

It is very easy to start a Podcast in a WordPress website. For this, you have to download a new plugin in the Plugin option of your WordPress website, which is named Seriously Simple Podcasting. By using this plugin, you can create a podcast in your website.What is Podcast It”s benefits and how to make money from this.What is Podcast It’s benefits and how to make money 


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