What is Powerpoint how to use and learn?Explain in details

What is Powerpoint how to use and learn

Friends, if you have ever made a presentation, you must have heard the name of PowerPoint. And if not heard. So in this post today, we will know What is Powerpoint how to use and learn
Friends, computer has become our need in this digital world . This is because today we are able to do a lot of work with the help of computers, computers have many software / applications which we use to complete business and personal tasks. Friends, today we are going to talk about one of these computer applications important Powerpoint..

If you have information about ms-office then you must also know about powerpoint. But if you do not know the usefulness of the power point in the present time, then you will be unaware of many tasks that are done with the help of the powerpoint features.

But if you read this article from beginning to end, you will get all those important information about powerpoint. After which you will be able to start using this free useful program.


What is powerpoint? 

PowerPoint is a presentation program. It is also commonly referred to as PP or PPT. It has been developed by Microsoft. This Ms Word , Excel as well as Ms office is a part of the suit. Understand in simple terms, the power point allows users to make a basic to complex presentation. These presentations are mostly used for business / training purpose. Apart from this, PowerPoint is also currently used in legislatures for the purpose of education.

Now many users will have questions about what is the final presentation? If you understand the presentation in easy words, it is a presentation made in front of a person, this presentation can be in the form of a new object, idea or design etc. You can also call a presentation a process that helps people to know about a topic.

Let’s briefly understand  powerpoint is a slideshow presentation program that is a part of Microsoft Office. It makes it easy to create, collaborate and present your ideas in a dynamic, compelling way. So guys, you must have understood what a powerpoint is . Now we know what are the advantages of using ms-powerpoint?


Benefits of PowerPoint

◆ PowerPoint is considered a standard application as a presentation software. Because of which it is used worldwide if you create a presentation in powerpoint. So you can share that presentation with anyone, with the company.

And the special thing is that they can see this presentation in other software and devices besides PowerPoint software. Like if you have prepared a presentation in powerpoint, now you share it in a person’s mobile device. So that person can open the presentation in their mobile and view it.

◆ PowerPoint program includes slide transitions, animations, layouts, templates, etc. and other features. Which allow users to create an attractive presentation in PowerPoint.

Apart from this, you can convert the presentation prepared in PowerPoint to other file formats like GIF, JPG, Image, MPEG-4 video, pdf etc.

Using powerpoint is easy to use. If you do not have the knowledge of graphic design principal, you can still create colorful and attractive designs through the standard template and themes of powerpoint.


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History of powerpoint 

Microsoft software which is virtual presentation software. It was called Forethought, Inc. by two individuals named Robert Gaskins & Dennis Austin. Was developed for the company. It is important to know here that initially it was designed for Mac (Macintosh) apple computer.

Friends, the power point was initially named Presenter, which was later renamed to powerpoint. Power Point was first released in 1987 for the Macintosh computer.


How to use PowerPoint?

It is very easy to use, you can access Microsoft powerpoint in your computer in few seconds. Friends if your computer does not have Microsoft powerpoint installed. So our previous article was on the subject of Ms office in which we have told how you can install ms office 2007 package in your computer.

Press the windows key to open Microsoft powerpoint in your computer. Now type the power point in the search bar.

And an option of powerpoint will appear above. Clicking on it will open Microsoft powerpoint in your computer. Friends Also you can powerpoint open through run command in your computer.

First of all, open the run command on your computer. Now type powerpoint in the search bar and enter it. This way powerpnt will open in your computer.


How to learn Microsoft PowerPoint?

Friends, if you are a new computer user. So initially you will have a little trouble to create a presentation in Microsoft power point .

But if you learn to use Microsoft powerpoint features. So you can build a great powerpoint presentation. Let’s be friends, know how you can learn powerpoint.


Online Video Tutorial
If you want to learn powerpoint then this is the best way for you. However, you can also learn to create a PowerPoint presentation by going to a nearby coaching center.

But if you want to understand the basic functions of powerpoint and use them, then you can have many video tutorials on your mother tongue i.e. Hindi in the internet , which you can also learn by taking help.

You can also learn things from beginning to advance through youtube. And you don’t have to spend a single penny .

Best Youtube Channel to Learn PowerPoint
PowerPoint school
creative venue

PowerPoint channel
On the other hand you want to learn to use power point. So you can take help of Google . Today Google has become a repository of information . You get information on using every popular application / software on Google, so you can learn how to make a PowerPoint presentation using Google.

Friends, now let us go ahead and know about the basic functions of ms-powerpoint.

Basic Functions Of PowerPoint 

The design feature in Power Point helps a user to customize the appearance of slides and change the format of slides. There are usually all preloaded themes somewhere in powerpoint. Of which you wish

You can choose any theme according to these themes can be used for single slides and other presentations.

The powerpoint animation is divided between slide transitions and element transitions. Through slide transitions, you can add effect to slide show while switching slides. You can add transition effect and change timing.

On the other hand movement and sound effect can be added to an object with element animation slide show.

For example, if you are preparing a slideshow of a photo gallery, then you can decide which photo comes first. And how come. And what sound is heard when the photo arrives. You can do all these things through element animation.

Friends, the main advantage of using PowerPoint is that it can be integrated. That is, Powerpoint supports all Microsoft Office software.

Meaning you can export slides as presentations in excel chart or Ms Word document. Video integration feature is also available in Powerpoint 2007 along with Audio & Image. You can also add videos with presentations so that you can easily playback without exiting the program.

So friends, it was information about some basic functions of PowerPoint. If you start learning powerpoint and practice it daily then you can learn many things about powerpoint.

Hopefully by now you have got all the information related to PowerPoint, and you will know what is the last PowerPoint? What are its benefits? How to use & All about MS PowerPoint



What is MS PowerPoint in Hope: What is PowerPoint? Would have liked this post, and felt helpful.
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