What is Programming Language How it works and types?

What is Programming Language How it works and types

Often you have come to the mind of people that what are the applications or software, how are they made, how does hacking happen, then they are all done with the help of Programming Language. So in today’s article, What is Programming Language How it works and types

Over the years, we have been using many languages ​​such as Bengali, English etc. to communicate. We use these languages ​​to do all the work in our daily life, like if we ask a man to tell us a song, then that man starts listening to us by listening to us, but if we say this to the computer The computer will not understand us because the computer only understands the binary language, that is, the computer can understand only Electronic Signal. So to overcome this problem, Programming Language was created.


What is Programming Language?

Programming Language is a language created by humans which is used when creating programs in a computer or to give instructions to a computer. Programming language is called computer language because computer understands these languages ​​and works according to our instructions. These programming languages ​​are software and applications, and they are called programs, and those who do programming are called programmers.

If we understand in easy language, then Programming Language is such a tool by using which we can give any Instruction to the computer and the computer makes the program according to our given Instruction. Now we will know in this article Programming Language in Hindi how it works.


How Programming Language Works

We need a software to do programming in the computer because through this we can create any program in the computer. There is a lot of software for programming in the market. Every Programming Language has different software. Today there are around 2500 Programming Language. So now, let’s talk about how these languages ​​work.

Whenever we have to make a program in the computer, we first select a programming language and then download the software of that language in our computer. There is a compiler or translator in that software which converts the program or code written by us into Binary Code because the computer can understand only Binary Language. After this, the computer prepares the program according to that Binary Code. But this does not happen in all Programming Language, that is, they are executed without compiler or translator, next we will know why this happens.What is Programming Language How it works and types


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Types of Programming Language

The programming language is mainly divided into two parts which are as follows –

1-Low Level Programming Language

2-High Level Programming Language


Low Level Programming Language
This programming language is easily understood by the computer and programs written in this language are executed directly in the computer, meaning that it does not require any converter or translator. It is also called machine language. In this language, programming is done in Binary language , meaning the program is done in the language of 0, 1. This language is easily understood by the computer while humans do not understand this language quickly, so this language is called Low Level Language.


There are also two types of low level language –


Machine Language

All instructions written in this language are executed directly by the computer without any translator. This is because the computer only understands machine language ie binary language which is in the format of 0 and 1. Therefore this language is called binary language.

For example, if you write 10, its binary number will be 1010 and if you write a, it will be 01100001 00100000. Whatever we type in the computer, it is first converted to binary, but if we do it in binary type then the computer will understand without any translator but this language is very difficult for humans.

Assembly Language-

In this instead of 0, 1 some mnemonic code is used, this language is called improve version of binary language because this language is easy to understand. It uses English words to do programming that the computer does not understand, therefore, a translator is called as Assembler to convert it to a machine language.

High Level Language

Humans can easily understand this language and can also create the desired program in computer because English language is used in the language like Printf, Scanf, getch, clrscr, if, else, switch, int etc. It uses English words to program, but the computer only understands the language of 0, 1 so translator or compiler is needed to convert it to 0 and 1. This translator or compiler converts the program written by us into machine language so that the computer can work according to the instructions given. Nowadays we use only High Level Language to create any common program or software.


Major programming languages ​​and their names

Some of the major programming languages ​​are given below.


C Language – This is a high level language created by bell labs in 1972. It was created to create an operating system called UNIX , but was later used to create languages ​​like JAVA and C ++. Use System Software is used to create as built by the Windows operating system |


Java is a High Level Language which was created in 1990. It is used to create many types of mobile and web applications.

Apart from this, there are many other languages ​​like C ++, Python, HTML, CSS, JS, Perl, Ruby, PhP etc.



I hope that you guys have understood well what is Programming Language. If you want to make any application or software, then you must learn this.What is Programming Language How it works and types.


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