What is Python Programming language how to learn and use in details

What is Python how to learn and use

These days Python Programming Language is quite popular in computer and internet world. If it comes to programming, then the name of Python comes first of all because it is very simple and modern language. Today in this article will know What is Python how to learn and use.

This language i.e. Python is considered the first choice of Hackers and Ethical Hackers as it is a bit easier to coding. Apart from this, it is also used in making games. So let’s see what Python is and why it is so popular among people.


What is Python

Python is a high level computer programming language used for General Purpose. Python is considered a very modern and easy programming language. And it is much more popular than other languages.

Its popularity can be gauged from this that it is the project on GitHub after JavaScript. Python’s Syntax is so simple that it is now being taught even in small classrooms. Programs built in Python are much faster than other languages ​​and this is the reason that Google, Youtube and big game development companies do programming in Python itself.

Python is Open Source and Free and you can download it from the Internet. After downloading it, you can do coding in it and can also execute that code. Apart from this, you can make a website, GUI application, scientific application etc. by using different platforms.


Feature Of Python 

Simple And Easy: Its biggest feature is that Python is a very simple language and Python also says that special attention has been given to its code readability.

Easy To Learn: If you have not yet learned any Programming Language and you want to learn Programming Language, then according to me you should start from Python.

Object Oriented Language: Python is an Object Oriented Language in which the code can be protected as Object and Class so that the largest code can be handled easily.

Interpreter: Compiler is used to execute programs in other languages ​​while Python does this by Interpreter. Compiler converts the entire source code into machine language in one go while Interpreter executes Line by Line Code. .

While there is no possibility of error in the interpreter, but error in the compiler often remains a problem. One problem in the interpreter is that it takes longer than the compiler to translate the program.

Large Library: The Library of Python is quite large and from these you can do many types of tasks and can create many types of applications. There are many types of packages in it like Graphical User Interface, Database, Scientific Application etc.

Embedded: Embedded here means that you can put codes of other programming languages ​​in Python’s Source Program and Python’s programs in other languages. In this way we can develop a better program using other languages.


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Use Of Python Programming Language

Python is a modern Programming Language and comes Python’s Packages and Libraries to create different applications. In Python, there is a special package or framework to create each kind of program. Like Django for Web Development, Numpy for Flask and Data Science, Pandas, etc. There are many types of Framework for many tasks.

Web Development and Web Apps
Python Language is used for multipurpose and from this you can create from Web Apps to Scientific Application. Python is used for back end code. Web Apps are created by back end coding in Python and these applications are in the processing server.

For Data Science Applications
Python is famous for its excellent data science Applications because Python is playing an important role in this field. With the help of Python Data Visualization, you can create many types of Graphic, Visual Representation and Data Analysis Software. Seaborn , Pandas major package, Python who provide Tool for creating Data Visualization and Data Analysis Software.

Machine Learning
Python is a very powerful and popular tool for creating machine learning programs . One of its many libraries that is used by the developers in creating machine learning systems is TensorFlow . TensorFlow is a free and open-source library developed by Google ‘s Brain Team .

Game Development
Nowadays Gaming Industry Tech is making a blast in the world. According to a survey, the Global Gaming Market in 2020 was 162.32 billion USD which is forecast to grow even further. In such a situation, if you want to become a game developer then Python can be a good Programming Language.

According to Python there are two main Python Frameworks from which you can make a game – pygame and pyglet. Apart from this, there is another Module named Turtle and its User Interface is quite simple which will help you to create a Simple Graphic Game.

Apart from all this, many types of applications and tools can be made from Python and its powerful libraries. Such as Medical Field Applications and Astronomy, Robotics etc.


How to learn python

Syntax of Python Language is like Word in General English and it is considered very easy to remember and learn. Let’s understand in some steps how Python Language can be learned – First of all, you have to download Python according to your operating system on pc.

For this, you have to go to Python’s website and download the latest or old version of Python according to you.
To do good coding in Python you will need a Code Editor and for this you should use Microsoft’s
visual studio code.

Now you will need Learning Source to learn and understand this language well. For this, you can take a Physical Class or Online Class.

Now the government has started giving importance to Python and for this, in the level of O level, now the C language has been removed to Python.

So if you want to do O level course then you have to learn Python.
If you want to learn online, then many websites are available for this – Codecademy, Coursera, W3School etc.



So friends, I hope this article about Python must have been liked very much. In this article, I have tried to explain the important aspects of Python, yet if you have any suggestion or question, then please tell in the Comment Box.


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