What is satellite and how does it work?Explian in Details

What is satellite and how does it work

You people will often come to the question that What is satellite and how does it work. Apart from this, many people also wonder how the satellite stays in the sky. Satellite is very much used in our daily life and it is also very important for the security of the country. Due to the satellite, it is possible to make our navigation, that is, if you use google maps to ask the way, then it is done by the satellite itself. The dish or DTH that we use in our homes also operates from the satellite. Apart from this, we can also know the weather conditions with the help of satellite. Today we will know the complete information about this article What is satellite and how does it work


What is Satellite

The job of a satellite or satellite is to revolve around a planet or body. For example, the natural satellite of the Earth is the Moon and it revolves around the Earth. Satellites made by humans are called artificial satellites and these satellites can be controlled according to themselves, but we cannot control the natural satellites. If we talk about artificial satellites, then they are used for communication. Apart from this, they are also used to monitor planets and satellites such as which position is on which planet and what is happening in space.

Overall, we also use satellite to know our Universe. Man-made satellites are sent into space via rockets and released there. Any satellite is controlled remotely and the satellite is installed from the control room to orbit any planet at the designated location.What is satellite and how does it work


Types of satellite

According to his work there are many types of satellites which are as follows

Astronomical Satellite – Astronomical satellites are used to study distant planets, constellations, meteor bodies, etc. Astronomical satellites are used to study the universe so that the secrets of this universe can be known.

Weather Satellite – Weather satellites are used for information on the weather and climate on Earth. Weather is predicted on Earth with the help of weather satellite.

Anti-Satellite weapons – These types of satellites are used to kill enemy satellites in space. Satellites cannot be destroyed by normal weapons in space, hence anti-satellite weapons are used.


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Satellites used in daily life

Navigation satellite – Navigation satellite is used to determine the correct location of any device on earth. Such was the way of radio waves diffused is causing the device to satellite earth Radio Waves receiver receives these waves to the device to determine the location | Navigation satellites are connected to many satellites, one device in navigation is connected to at least three satellites. In India, we use GPS for navigation, which is a navigation system in USA. Is the system.

Communication Satellite – As the name suggests, it is used in communication. Communications satellites work to transfer and receive data on Earth. We use these satellites in television, internet, phone calls etc. Whatever channel we watch on our dish, the program of that channel is first sent to the satellite, later the program is transmitted through satellite according to its schedule.


Types of satellite according to height

Based on height, the satellite is divided into three categories –

Low Earth Orbit Satellite (LEO) – Such satellites are very close to the Earth’s orbit. Their height ranges from 150 to 2000 km. These satellites are used to take images of different parts of the Earth. In this way, they are most used for image and scanning due to their low height. LEO satellite revolves around the Earth at a very fast speed. They rotate the Earth about 5 – 10 times a day.

Medium Earth Orbit Satellite (MEO) – These satellites are very far away from the Earth and complete a round of the Earth in about 12 hours i.e. they revolve around the Earth twice a day. This type of satellite is used for navigation.

High Earth Orbit Satellite (HEO) – These satellites are at an altitude of about 36,000 km above the Earth. In this way, they are in the highest orbit of the earth and they have the same speed as the speed of the earth. Due to their speed equal to the speed of the earth, they are able to travel only one round of the earth in a day. They always roam with the earth, so they always stay at the location at which they are kept. For example, if a HEO satellite is set above India, it will always be above India because that satellite roams with the earth. This type of satellite is used for communication. They are also called Geostationary Satellite.


Uses of Satellite

In today’s time satellite has become an important technology with the help of which we can do things like navigation. Below we will learn about some important uses of Satellite –

In the area of ​​communication – Satellite is being used most in the area of communication. Satellite television, satellite internet, satellite phones, etc. use satellite. With the help of satellite phones, we can also make calls in areas where no cell tower or any type of wire can be transported.

In Navigation – With the help of satellite, we can navigate easily from one place to another. Today we can know very easily how far is the distance from one place to another and what things are located at that place. In India, we use GPS for navigation which was made by the US Army. The full form of GPS is the Global Positioning System. It consists of several satellites. It currently has more than 30 satellites. It was launched in 1978.

In weather forecasting – Satellite is also used to get weather and climate information. It uses Weather Satellite. These satellites are capable of weather forecasting. For example, where is the possibility of rain in the earth, what will be the movement of the wind, will the weather be cold or hot, etc.



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