What is SEO and How seo is done on website.Explain

What is seo

Friends, welcome to our today’s article, in today’s article, you will tell everyone, what is SEO called? How do search engine optimization in your website, friends, in today’s post, you will all know what SEO is called search engine optimization.

Friends, this technology has come very far and in today’s world, more than half of the people spend their time on the internet and if you are a new blogger, then you will want that my website and my website article should be in search engine as soon as possible. Ranked but you do not know how this will happen in the end, how you can get the article ranked on the search engine more quickly and how should you write your article, how should you write your title and description, so my blog post is also Google and all the way Also, if you rank on search engine like bing yahoo, friends are the only answer to all these questions. If your website and SEO of your article is good then no one can stop you from ranking your website and blog on search engine. This is what I am going to tell you in today’s article What is SEO search engine optimization, who says friends, if you are a new blogger then this question will definitely bother you because bloggers go to blogging but they do not know what to do to become a successful blogger. But that is why they do not know what SEO is and why it is very important for a website.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique by which you can rank your page in the search engine.
Friends, we all know what search engines are and what they work. Friends, there are many search engines on the internet, in which Google places a number. Friends, apart from Google, some other well-known search engines bing, yahoo, duck duck Go etc are friends and when you do some keyword search on Google, you see a lot of results in front of you, but the number 1 of them has been used as the best SEO on that blog and that is why that blog is Google Rank Place and SEO helps to rank our blog in search engine and friends. When you search for anything on Google, you also open only the page which comes at number one, tell you that whatever page on Google. A number is ranked, it gets the most traffic and people believe on the same page the most, it is known that SEO helps in increasing your organic traffic.

What are the types of SEO?

There are two types of SEO, first on page seo and second off page seo friends. These two forms of SEO are completely different from each other, both of them are completely different from each other.

What is On page SEO

On page seo work while writing your blog and also depending on the design of your website, if the disign of your website will be seo friendly, then your post will be ranked in Google and all the different search engines on page seo You can take time to do on page seo, you should have good title tag which should have more search keywords, your blog description should also have good and more searching keywords and you should write good and more readable content. Also, you have to write your keywords in your content, due to which Google will be able to understand which category you have written this blog and because of this, the keywords you have inserted will rank your post on keywords and also on your blog. Traffic will increase.

How do on page seo?

Below is how to do on page seo and many ways to do on seo have been described.

Website speed

Friends, if you want to improve the SEO of your blog and website, then your loading speed should be very low and good and the loading speed of a normal website should be 5-6 seconds only, if the speed of your blog or website is more than that. Your website will not be ranked Friends, when your website is opened, Googles know how the loading speed of your website is. If you want to follow correctly, then check the loading speed of your website and if you want to reduce the speed of your website, then always keep the template of your website light weight and put less photos in your blog and also the size of the photo Should be less, due to which your photo will be loaded soon and your website will also be SEO friendly.

Website page Menu

Friends, you should put the link of your entire page on the navigation menu of your website, so that people can visit every page of your website, by doing this, the SEO of your website is good.

Blog Name

Make the name of your blog, that is, always such that if anyone reads it, then they must click on it, that is why the keyword of your content and the keyword which is being searched more, must be inserted in your title and always your title Keep it small so that people can read it and understand it quickly.

Post URL

Friends have to remember that keep the URL of your post always small and put a better and more search keyword in your URL, because of this your post helps in getting ranked in Google quickly.

Internal links

Friends, when writing a post, then include the link of your other separate posts in your post, this helps to keep all your pastes ranked.

Alt tag

Friends, whenever you put a photo in the blog, do not forget to put the name of the blog by putting alt tag in it. By doing this, your photo is also ranked in the Google photo, due to which the traffic of your blog also increases.


Friends content is considered a king in the blog because your post gets ranked due to the content and we should always put keywords in your content and we should write a blog of 1000+ words, it is very important to rank in Google, therefore its always Take care.


Friends, every keyword in your blog in which you want to rank your article is to be bold and italic, thus it will rank your post quickly in Google.


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What is off page seo?

Friends off page seo In addition to writing blogs, you plead with your posts, such as promoting your blog, creating backlinks and putting your website and blog in Google search console and sharing your posts on social media and by doing all this More and more traffic comes on your post, friends, you just have to share your website posts in different places like facebook, twiter, quora etc., due to which traffic will come on the website and your website will also get backlinks and go to other websites Writing guest post by which you get backlink, friends off page seo is very helpful in ranking any website.

How do off page seo?

Below has been told about how to do some off page , if you do this, then your website will definitely be ranked.

Submit to search engine

Friends, after writing the blog, you should immediately submit your past to the search engine, due to which the search engine can quickly rank your post and by doing this, there will be a lot of traffic in your website and blog.

Creating social media profile

A profile of your website should be made on social media like facebook, twiter, instagram, quora etc. so that people get to know your website on social media due to which there is a lot of traffic on your website.

making backlinks, social media share and guest posts

Friends, you have to go to another website and make backlinks and also write guest post, due to which you will have both traffic and ranking, and friends, share your post on your website’s Facebook page, twiter and other social media, it is definitely on your website Will bring traffic and your website will be ranked.

Last word

Friends, I hope that after reading this post, you will also know what SEO are and how to do search engine optimization and if you liked this article, then share this article with your friends and if you tell me your If you want to reach to us, then please tell us by commenting and thank you for reading this post.


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