What is Share market AND how to make money from stock market.

What is Share market AND how to make money

What is Share market AND how to make money If you know a little bit about the subject, or do not know it at all, read this post carefully. In this post, you can get complete information about Share Market . Because I have shared all the information about Share Market in this post. By which any common person can invest in the stock market and earn.


What is Share Market?

If you tell Share Market in easy language, Share means “share”. And Market is the place where buying and selling is done. This is how Share Market is formed.

Share Market is also an Investment Market like all other investment fields, and in Share Market you get up to 18% Return, which is not available in any investment till now. That is why today every small and big Businesmen and common man have set out towards the stock market.


How can one invest in the share market?

You can invest in two ways in the largest investment platform, Share Market.

1. Mutual Fund – Indirect

2. Share buy – Direct

The interesting thing about the Share Market is that only 4% of the people in India invest money in the Share Market, whereas in the US and other developed countries 50% of the people invest their money in the Share Market. Its percentage in India is so low because people here are scared and fall prey to fraud.

But today we will tell you the complete knowledge of Share Market in this post. By which you will understand that there is no need to fear in the Share Market. According to you, you can invest money in the stock market. So let’s know what is Share Market?


What are the major share markets?

Stock Exchange -Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange – National Stock Exchange (NSE) These are the 2 top stock markets in India. In both these share markets, you can also buy and sell shares through any share broker – Share Broker.


What is the meaning of buying share?

We explain the meaning of buying Share in easy language. For example, if any company mentioned in (NSE) has issued a total of 1 milions shares, then according to the proposal of that company, as many shares you buy, you become the owner of the company. You can sell those shares of your share to any other person at any time.

The share rate of any company is according to stock market SE / NSE. All the stock market controls are in the hands of the Securities and Exchange Board of The country.

Every 3/6 months or on an annual basis, companies give Profit on this basis when interest is low and information about all these activities is available on SE / NSE website.


How does a company get listed in SE / NSE?

To register in Share Bazaar, the company has to enter into a written agreement with Share Bazaar. After this, the company deposits all its necessary documents with the capital, market regulator SEBI. When the information is correct investigation, the company gets listed in the SE / NSE.

After being registered in Share Market, that company provides information about its activity to Share Bazaar from time to time.


Why does the share price fluctuate?

Listed in the Share Market, the company is evaluated on the basis of activities such as functioning of the company, getting orders or increasing profits. Just as the stock prices of those companies fluctuate in the same way.


How to make money from Share Bazaar?

Today everyone wants to earn maximum by investing from Share Market. Even if he does not know much about Share Bazaar. But he hurries to earn money and sits down sinking all his money. That is why, to earn money from Share Bazaar, you should know all the information related to Share Bazaar.

Before investing in Share Bazaar, you should know well about the company whose share you want to buy. According to your knowledge and knowledge, you can earn money by purchasing the share from Share Bazaar by studying the company.

In the Share Market, you always have to work with your mind, in this field, you never have to spend money on anyone’s instructions. If you really want to invest in Share Bazaar, then you have to keep complete knowledge of Share Bazaar.

You have to see at what time there is a boom in the share market and at what time there is a decline, which companies are always able to do well and which companies are not able to do well. You should see the volume, and accordingly invest in the stock market.


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By taking care of some important things, you can earn good money from Share Market.

Choose a good company.

Before investing in Share Market, you should choose a company which is financially stronger. Also, its management and market volume should also be good.

Because the company whose shares you are buying, if that company goes into loss, then you will also be at a loss. Therefore, always choose a good and powerful company and invest in Share Market. So that the share value of that company also gives you good profit.

Take care of discipline.

While investing, you always have to keep in mind that you should work with restraint. Never take any non-essential risk and consider it necessary to invest while working patiently.

Invest extra money.

It is considered appropriate to invest additional money in the Share Market, because you can use those money which is not required in the short term. Anytime volatility can cause values ​​to decrease in the short term.

Long Term Investment is the best.

There is more profit in the share market than loss. But it depends on your thinking and the investment you have made, how much and how you are getting profited. Because along with investment Long Turm, good company and right time also matters.

There is a lot of profit from the share market, but there is a lot of risk in it. That is why only common people in India invest money in the Share Market. You should always make Long Turm Investment in Share Market. So that your profit chance increases even more.

Be sure to keep constant attention.

Investing Paisa in Share Market is not enough. You should always keep an eye on the news related to the Share Market, at all times you should be aware of the volume and latest update of the Share Market, so that you can easily plan ahead.


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