What is the difference between HDD VS SSD?In details

difference between HDD VS SSD

By the way, you know something about HDD VS SSD . What is the difference between these two? If so, we definitely ask about their storage.

HDD is called Computer’s Hard Disk Drive and SSD is called Solid State Drive, both of them have their own separate work but even today many people do not know about SSD. Will solve all kinds of problems related to you, which will help you a lot.


What is HDD

Computer is very important Disk, whose full name is Hard Disk Drive, HDD was first introduced to the world by IBM. This Disk stores data in the computer, which saves all the data inside its memory. Can read data.

Using this we can save all our types of data, nowadays the laptop has the capacity of storage up to 6 TB, so that we do not have to buy small hard disks. Rotateting Plate to read / write data in it. The faster the data rotates, the faster the data will transfer.


What is SSD

SSD is also an important disk of computer, it is also a memory of computer, its full name is Solid State Drive, its data transfer speed is much higher than HDD, it is much faster than HDD, nowadays it is used in many laptops A lot is happening too.

Nand Based Flesh Memory is used in SSD, there is no loss of any kind of data in it, we know that earlier HDD was only used more, but now people have also recently used SSD with Zoro. Controller is there to read / write.


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What is the difference between HDD VS SSD

Comparison Basis HDD SSD

Data transfer rate is very low is very high
Electricity consumption: It costs a lot of electricity and consumes less electricity.
Cost It is not so expensive, its price is very high
Access Time 2.8 to 11 Micro Seconds Less than 100 Micro Seconds
File Opening Time takes longer than SDD. It takes very less time
SSD is very safe compared to HDD, it is safe from all types of Magnetism Effect. Solid State Drive does not make any kind of vibration or noise, but a hard disk drive produces a vibration.



In the given article, we have given you complete information about HDD and SSD. We hope that the article written by us will definitely help you. If you have any question, you can ask us, we will surely answer your questions.


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