What is Transistor And how it made and types of it?

What is Transistor And how it made and types

What is Transistor And how it made and types,you must have known about transistors and if not then you have come to the right place because after reading this article today You will know what is a transistor? How does a transistor work? Type of it? And advantages of transistors? All about Transistor.

If we talk about the vacuum tube that was used instead of a transistor in past , then the vacuum tube is much larger than the transistor, not only larger in size but also heats up very quickly due to which not only run for a long time but also consume very high voltage power.

Disadvantage of the Vacuum Tube is why the transistor was invented in Bell Labs by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, William Shockley in 1947. Whatever problem we encountered in the vacuum tube, all the problems were fixed and the transistor was made.

What is a transistor

A semiconductor electronic device .The devise create for balances the electric voltage and determine the electric power will be turned on or off,all switches.
The transistor is much smaller than the vacuum tube , not only small but also consume very low electric voltage and today we can only because of the transistor You can use computer and mobile at a good speed.

How is a transistor made?

Hope you understand what a transistor is? Now you all must have got a question in the mind that finally how this transistor is made, if we talk about the transistor then we get to see three terminals in the circuit of the transistor.The device was Prepared by mixing the material which from 3 terminals.Not only it acts as a diode but also amplifies the electric voltage.


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Types of transistor

The transistor is mainly of two types: a PNP transistor and another NPN transistor. You must have known all the types of transistors, but do you know what PNP transistors and other NPN transistors are, then you can read the article below.

N-P-N Transistor
When P type material is placed in the middle of the layer of N types of material, it is called NPN transistor.

P-N-P Transistor
When N material is placed in the middle of the layer of material of P types then it is called PNP transistor.

FET Transistor
Before telling FET in big, if you tell about its full name, the full name of FET is Field Effect Transistor,Which is second part of the transistor.you will also get to see 3 terminals in it. which is (G), (D), (S) i.e. Gate, Drain, Source.Gate (G), Drain (D), Source (S).Those are also divided into different parts are JFET and MOSFET transistors.

Bipolar Transistor
It was invented in December 1947 by John Bardeen, Walter and William together. In Bipolar transistor, we get to see two types of charged carriers, one electron and the other holes.

Small Signal Transistor
If we talk about small signal transistors then it acts like a transistor switch and in the companion it also helps in amplifying the signal of “transistor” in the market in the name of Small Signal Transistor PNP or NPN Get to see There are many electronic devices where this transistor is used, if we talk about some of those devices, then it is time circuit, led diode, audio function, amplifier, etc.

Small Switching Transistor
It is the job of Small Switching Transistors to amplify it. S S T are also found in the same name as Small Signal Transistors Which like the name of NPN or PNP in the shop.

Multiple-Emitter Transistor
Talking about multiple emitter transistor, it is used in the input of transistor logic and NAND logic gates as well as it is used on multiple emitter transistor “Input signal emitter”.

Power Transistor
Power transistors amplify high voltage power and also help supply high power to the companion. Power transistors have a current value of 1 to 100A and at the same time the frequency of power transistors ranges from 1MHz to 1000 MHz.

Benefits of Transistor

1. Before the Transistor was invented, vacuum tube was used which used to work very slow but the transistor works very fast.

2. The cost of transistor is very low, that is why it can be easily installed on any machine.
3. The transistor does not heat up very quickly, which is why it is very unlikely to malfunction.
4. Transistor also works very well in low voltage.

5. Transistor helps in determining electric voltage.

6. Works also like a transistor switch.

7. If you are a student of electric department then you must be aware that transistors are also used in amplifiers.

8. In the present time there is no such device where the transistor is not used and even the transistor is used in the micro chip of your mobile or computer.


Today post we try to help you all explaining much detais about transistor,hope everyone finds it useful.


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