What is TRP and Rating?How to check trp of channel.

What is TRP and Rating

In today’s post, we are going to talk about TRP, we will know through this post that what is TRP And rating ,how TRP is decided, we are going to give you all this information here, if you also want information about it, then you must read this post from beginning to end.

All of us like to watch TV and some of these are our favorite channels which we like to watch the most, which channels are more watched, their TRP increases significantly, how does TRP rating increase? Gonna talk about today too

You must have often heard that the TRP of this channel is very high, this means that the channel wants to be seen by a lot of people and the value of that channel which is much higher than any other channel. So let’s know what TRP is and from which side it is given.

What is TRP

First of all, we talk about what is the full form of TRP. TRP (TELEVISION RATING POINT) From this we can know about any channel, how much value it has in the market. We can easily know which channel or SHOW is seen the most through which channel or how many people are seen in the channel.


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How to CHECK TRP of any channel

For checking the TRP of any channel or program, a People Meter is used for this, which can easily detect the TRP of any channel.

The People Meter is connected to all the set top boxes of its Deoria, which makes it easy to find out which channels or programs are being watched the most by people around.

This meter is not in your setup box, but what happens to the stall somewhere near you, from where it gets all the information and it is based on what the TRP rating is.

TRP rating is very important for any channel or program, because companies will spend most of the time to advertise on the channel whose TRP is high because if more people are watching that channel then companies will also want that Your ad will be delivered to the people.


In today’s post, we did TRP Kya Hai? You have told about it in full detail and also told that how much TRP ratings are important for any channel and how TRP ratings are given, we have given you all the information in the channel similar posts. You have been associated with us to read.

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