What is URL and how it works?Types of url in details

What is URL and how it works

Friends, today we are going to know what the URL is.
Today everyone is an internet user. You must have heard and used the URL many times.What is URL and how it works

what is URL

It plays an important role to open a single page of any website on the Internet .The flower form URL is Uniform Resource Locator Uniform Resource Locator.It works to open any single web page on the Internet.What is URL and how it works

Google url 

The url of any post of any website starts with hyper text transfer protocol – the domain name of the world-wild-web-website – extension and last is the name of the post.The name of the post will show only when you have set the permalink.

Otherwise, the permalink structure you have selected. Will show like that. Below I have given the url of my EC post.Which I have selected Permalink Post Name.If it is ever placed before http, then it also comes in url .S means that security layer. Which is called SSL certificate.

URL founder –

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the URL in 1991. He was born in London.First of all, he gave the form of IP address . Later converted it to URL .

How the URL works

Internet is also a unique occurs the website Website IP Address .Like we have the IP address of www .facebook.com – 176.13. 69.63 .When we type the name of a website in the web browser .So we reach that website. The domain name is linked with the IP address of your website.

And the IP address link is with the web server. When we search the website’s domain name on the Internet.Then reach your website. Now you must be thinking how this happens.So let me tell you that it opens with the help of DNS .

Creating URL

Now what is DNS ? DNS is a flower form Domain Name server.Whenever you search your website address.

So it goes first. ISP .it means Internet service providerThe ISP already has all IP address data saved.In this, he checks all the name servers. What is the IP address of the domain name you have entered ?And upon finding it sends to your browser .The browser sends the IP address to the server on which your website is located.And the server shows the website in your web browser .


Parts of URL : –

The URL consists of 5 parts.

1) http or https
2) :// (separate)
3) www
4) digi-solution
5) .bd

1) Https : –

This is part of the beginning of the url . starting with http also https

http means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and further s means secure |

It is a secure socket layer next to http, it works to provide website security.


2) :// (separate): –

It is acharacters “: //” .when typing url in first type http than charecter : //

It works by connecting http and www .


3) www : –

www it is a web service. Which we call the world wild web in flower form. Also known as w3.

www is an information space.

Here we identify HTML document and web resources through URL .

Where HTML documents are connected through Hyperlink.

In order to control these web documents by using the Internet .


4) digi-solution : –

This is my domain name. Like Google , Yahoo, Facebook.

Which is my identity on the Internet. Whoever creates their website on the Internet.

He has to give an identity by his or her shop name.

I have named my website digi-solution as Google does.

I have purchased the domain under EC name.


5) .bd : –

This is an extension of my website. .in my website exists from india.

And I had to target traffic from Bangladesh. That’s why I chose the extention of .bd.

By adding all these 5 parts, any website is made.


Types of URL

1) Messy
2) Dynamic
3) Static


1) Messy URL : –

This is a system generated url .

Letters and numbers are used in it. We cannot read this url.

We cannot read these URLs only. But Google is also very happy to read these URLs.

That is why it is unable to rank in the search engine.


2) Dynamic URL : –

These URLs are also created from where the messy url is created.

Something in the End next to its domain?, &,%, +, =, $, Cgi-bin, .cgi. These types of characters are there.

These URLs are generated from any specific database queries website.

The contect that occurs here is connected to most of the database websites.

In this, instead of changing the information in HTML code, the data in the database is changed.



3) Static URL

This URL is hardwired with webpages.

These URLs do not change on the basis of input from remote database or server.

But every page remains the same with loading.


4) Obfuscated : –

This URL is used for wrong things in phishing.

This is a kind of fake URL. This URL looks like the original url but it is not original.

It fades. Like you click on it. You reach over any wrong website.

Hacker steals your data. And use it for wrong things.


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What is shorter URL?

Whenever we publish a post. So she is very long.

And it looks very critical. But when a url is shortened it becomes very short.

For this, you can use many tools online or in word press plugin.

Like Bit.ly

Here, you can use the same by pasting your long url and converting it to short.

What is URL and how it works

Conclusion :-

Guys I have given you the URL in this article here. Have tried to tell this whole.What are the types of URLs,I hope you have understood what the URL is in this article.Friends, if you have liked this article.

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