WHAT IS VPN and HOW TO USE vpn?Explain in details


If you want to open a blocked website or increase Internet Speed, then the VPN name definitely comes in our mind first. You can open all the Black websites on the Internet with the help of this.It is very important in increasing the speed of Internet, but do you know what VPN is? How to use VPN

What are the benefits of using VPN?

The biggest advantage of using that with the help of it you can keep yourself Sicyor. By using  you can keep your Internet Connection completely secure, so no hacker can steal your personal data.

What is VPN?

he full form  “Virtual Private Network”. This helps you make a secure connection to other networks on the Internet . Mainly you can open and use banned websites on the Internet.

VPN Network is commonly used in large companies. It is mainly used in Government Website, Education Website, Institutes Website etc., because these websites have a very important data store.

How does VPN work?

The IP Address is sent by the VPN Network Company, which also provides Log In ID and Password. The network can be accessed from anywhere around the world with the help of it.
This is a network from which you can hide your data from the Internet.

By hiding your personal data from the Internet, no Hekar can steal your Deta. Because VPN Network makes your data Full Secure and Safe. You can also use It has Free and Paid Service.

Where is the use of VPN?

Used in a place where technology is needed, so that we can keep our identity safe and secure.

If a website is banned in Bangladesh, then you will turn VPN on your device and then type the URL of that website in your browser, then that website will be opened in front of you. Similarly, used to keep personal data secure on government websites.

How to use-

you can use VPN on both mobile and laptop devices.

To use  in your mobile, you must first download and install the HiPest VPN App from Google Play Store or App Store.


After installing the good retaining VPN app in mobile, open it now and then set your desired location in it and click on connect, it will activate in your phone as soon as you click on connect.


Now you can do whatever you want to do related tvery easily. So let’s now know how to set up  in computer.

How to use VPN in computer?

First of all download the  Software in Computer and click on the Install option. Now go to the section of Setting and select the option of Privacy and Security and then enable the option . Now VPN will be activated on your device. Now you can access the Bloked Website Our Url.

Best VPN Software for Computer

There are many VPN software available on the Internet that provide great service, but we are telling you about the most used Hi Reting  Software.


Best  Software for Computer is as follows-

Hotspot, ShieldCyber, GhostWindsribe, Finch VPNTotal, VPNOpenVPNTunnel, BearSurf Easy

You can download any of the software mentioned by us in your computer and use CAN Service on the basis of Free and Pair Version.


Benefits of VPN Network – 

Safety access

With the help, you can securely access Public Connection from all over the world. Using VPN, your personal data on the Internet is completely safe.


Remote Access

In the present time, people work in the company sitting at home, that’s why they have a lot of benefit of CPN Network for Sefry, because the company has a lot of data private which if it becomes public then hackers hack.


Hide location

If you are doing anything on the Internet, with the help of VPN, you can add different locations. This eliminates the possibility of your data being stolen.


Data Security

In today’s time, almost every work is being done through the internet and in such a situation, a lot of our data remains on the internet, which causes huge losses due to being hacked. So with the help of it, we can hide our credit card, bank account, email log in, password and many private data.


Change The IP Address

Whenever you use Internet in your mobile, an IP address is created at your location. By which hackers find out when and what you are accessing. But with the help of CAN you can enable IP addresses of your favorite country.


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What are the disadvantages of ?

1. Not all VPNs offer free service.

If you are already using VPN, then you will know that a lot of  do not give you unlimited service. Just like 2GB 1.5GB 3GB or 2.5 GB is available in a day, which ends very soon, you have to buy Paid Plan to useservice.


2. Not all VPN networks are trusted.

There are many types of VPN Apps and Software on the Internet in which we do not know which is right and which is not. Due to this we can also have security problems.


3.Free VPN – Bad Connection Speed

If you are using a free , then you have to go through the problem of Internet Speed. Because it reduces Net Speed. So if you want to use the internet using free plan, then you have to do Paid Play By.


4. VPN does not support all devices.

Although  Service is the most popular platform on the Internet and all devices work on it, but still there are some operating systems and devices that do not really support. So you cannot avail  service on these devices.


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