What Is WiFi?Every details about wifi,briefly explained.

What Is WiFi

We all know about wifi, and also use it in our daily life, but do you know what WiFi is? And how does WiFi work?If you are an internet user then you must know about the use of wifi.Because today wifi is used by millions of users all over the world to run fast internet at home and office.Do you use wifi in any device like your computer or smartphone etc. to run internet or do other tasks. So it becomes important for you to know how wifi works? If you also want to get information about wifi, then this article today can be very useful for you because in this article what is WiFi? (What Is WiFi in Hindi) Benefits of WiFi? And many useful things related to its history are being told.


What Is WiFi

whose full form is wireless fidelity and the original form of the word wifi is derived from hi-fi. In the early phase of the Internet, information was transmitted through the Internet via cable. But many things have changed over time and the way of using internet has also changed.

Due to which wifi technology was used in place of cable, it was wireless technology which did not require any type of cable to use internet. Currently, wifi internet is used not only at home but also at Banco University, offices. ,

Where many people use wifi internet simultaneously to get their fast internet service without slow internet speed. The use of wifi technology uses radio waves. What is WiFi? The question now comes after knowing how WiFi works?


How does WiFi work?

wifi wireless technology works by causing the router broadband connection, etc. The device sends a signal as radio waves. And thus mobile computers etc. devices in wifi zone can be connected to wifi. And thus wifi establishes communication (communication) between different devices.

At present, wireless routers provide very fast internet speed. And usually a wifi router has a range of 20 meters and a maximum of 50 meters and the closer the wifi connected device is to the router, the higher the internet speed is due to the convenient use of wifi router and they are being used in many areas.


Key features of WiFi?

The security system of WiFi is reliable as well as being state-of-the-art, due to which the important components in Wi Fi keep the user’s data safe. With wi fi technology you can connect anywhere in the world, that is, you can not only use wi fi at a certain place, but you can use fast internet in your device using this wireless technology anywhere around the world. .

The wi fi technology has replaced the cable, meaning that you can connect two devices with wireless wi fi. Wi Fi technology gives you the ability to listen to online music, radio and work from one computer to another.

That is, Wi Fi does not require any type of cable. With which you can take your system anywhere and get internet connection at your convenience.


Benefits of using WiFi?

Currently, wi  fi technology is being used in many businesses or companies, due to which the entrepreneurs
consider leading technology. You can connect multiple devices to a router simultaneously using Wi-Fi technology. And this is the main reason that Router is used in many places at present time.

Using wifi technology is very easy, to connect a device to wi fi, wi fi must be turned on in that device and after typing the password you can get fast internet connection.

Not only can we get internet connection with Wi-Fi. Also, due to its fast speed, it is used to help in exchanging files from one device to another and wirelessly accessing the device by connecting different devices.

And most importantly, they have no geographical boundaries. That is, you can use a route anywhere, not only in one country. And it is much less expensive as compared to other internet provider like wi fi technology broadband connection etc. Also, more users can connect to the Internet at a time.


Benefits of Bi-Fi – Advantages of WiFi

Using wifi network is very convenient, if there is Wi fi in home or office or in public places, then in this case we can easily access internet from our mobile , laptop device.

In the absence of mobile data , we can use the Internet from any Secure Wi Fi network anytime, anywhere.


Connect Multiple Devices
WiFi helps any user to connect their various devices to the Internet. You can connect your and family members and any other user’s device to the Internet through a wifi router router.

Today, Wi fi has become the most popular means of internet access.


At the present time wireless connections have become normal. If we go to a Coffee Place or Hotels. So there we can turn on high speed data connection for the net without paying any money.

So as the number of wireless networks in public places is increasing, it has become much easier for people to access the Internet.


Talk about the cost, Wi fi Internet connection reaches the users at a very low price. If we compare it with Mobile Data or Cables.

We can use the internet from Wi fi Router across many devices throughout the month at a good speed, that too at normal price.


Easy to Use
It only takes a few seconds to connect your device to Wi Fi. And it does not require any special technical knowledge, so it is very easy for any user to access internet.

So today we can easily connect wi fi at home, office or public places.


Max Speed
Ever thought a 1GB file should be downloaded in just 2 seconds? Yes it is possible via wifi internet. If you want internet speed of 100 MBPS 500mbps or 1GB per second, then using WiFi can prove beneficial for you.

Friends, there are some advantages of using it in a Wifi network, as well as its disadvantages, it is also important to know about them.


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Disadvantages of WiFi

Slow Speed
If you have ever used Wi Fi in universities, hotels or public places, then you know that the speed of internet connection slows down there.

The more Device Connect from Wi Fi, the data transfer rate becomes Decrease.


There are often cases where the data of a device is stolen via Wi Fi. Because using a wi fi connection cannot be said to be completely secure.

If Wifi does not have proper Security Authentication Protocol or correct configurations, then Wi Fi hack can also happen in such a situation.


Not Easy To Operate
Many times there is a problem in Wi fi which stops internet running. In such a situation, if you do not have any technical knowledge, then you will have to call a technician and in such a situation, the work may stop.

So friends, we discussed all the advantages and disadvantages of Wi fi.


WiFi Best Features
Wi-Fi can be called a new field in the world of networking. Data broadcasting in Wifi is done by radio waves. Any user can access the Internet using Wi Fi.

Today, Wi  Fi technology is being used by big institutes, businesses for their own interests. Today, the use of Wi Fi can be seen everywhere in coffee shops, libraries, hotels, universities.


Not Required Cable
Not only can you run internet through Wi-Fi, you can also easily share data from one device to another. And at the present time there are many such devices which can be controlled remotely through the Wi fi network .

Then whether it is to play music from a speaker, remotely access the computer, share files, etc. Think about how difficult it would be to perform a task by connecting the device via cable. But the device can be connected without wire using Wi  Fi.


Establishing Secure Internet Connection
The use of Wi Fi technology in offices or homes is now normal. Every effort has been made to make friends Wi-Fi technology secure. Due to which the security system of Wi Fi technology becomes more reliable today, the tools present in it protect the user’s data.

World wide wi fi is being used today due to the excellent network security. However, we cannot call any technology completely secure.


No Limitation
On the other hand, compared to the security of wi fi from other networks, there are many benefits here. Along with security, Wi Fi technology gives users the confidence of high speed internet.

Because when it comes to sending internet from one Router to many devices at a good speed, then no option comes to the user’s mind at this time better than Wi Fi network.


History Of WiFi 

WiFi was first invented in the year 1997 and the same year the technology was launched for consumers. A committee called 802.11 was formed which looked after the standards defining communication for wlan.

After some time the wi fi technology could exchange data between different devices at 2mbps speed. In 1999, wi fi was launched for domestic use after the development work at the router. At present, mainly four types of Wi Fi technology works only.


wi-fi-802.11a is a series of wireless technology. This series shows the format of radio signals received from wi fi networking routers and antennas.


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